Hudson Reporter asks 4th ward candidates about clean campaigns

Update: The Lenz for Council campaign issued the following comment: Your current story on clean campaigns does not accurately reflect Mike Lenz’s comments on Matt Calicchio. We ask that you review the tape and correct your story.

(MSV has issued a correction.)


The Hudson Reporter covered a lot of ground and their debate also featured an element missing at the one hosted at the Jubilee Center – rebuttals. This alone makes this debate more valuable as it gives a further opportunity to see the candidates engage.

In this clip, the candidates discuss concerns about how a clean campaign should be run. In and of itself, this is a news story. Councilman Mike Lenz takes a number of strong positions on running a clean campaign and asks for Tim Occhipinti to agree on taking basic steps to prevent electoral fraud. Occhipinti declines the request but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Councilman Lenz says in the video above:

“What I’m not in favor of, is Matt Calicchio collecting a hundred absentee ballots, from people, face to face with them having him watch them as they seal them in the envelope and carrying them to the city.

I want Tim Occhipinti to say that he is not going to hire people, pay them money only if they turn in absentee ballots. I want Tim Occhipinti to say that he is not going to allow people on his campaign to require people to hand them the ballot.

Absentee ballots should be secret and sacred as a regular ballot.”

For the complete debate go to the Hudson Reporter:

Corrections: Our story initially noted the ballots being collected were done so as an illegal bearer. This is in error as there’s a distinction on ballots handled to the County Board of Elections and picked up.

This story was changed to accurately reflect quotes in the video.
MSV apologizes for any earlier error.

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Matt Calicchio was mentioned by name collecting vote by mail/absentee ballots in the Hudson Reporter debate.  He’s pictured here in a green hat at the Jubilee Center debate.  To his right is Sandra Ramos and Occhipinti Campaign Manger Jamie Cryan.

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