HR breaking: We can prove that checks made out to ‘cash’ are clerical error

The Hudson Reporter minutes ago posted an update to their initial story relaying a statement from a Beth Mason spokesman on the dozens of checks listed as “cash” in her ELEC report.

We can prove that checks made out to ‘cash’ are clerical error” is the updated headline and the story relays the claim an accounting firm was behind this mistake even though the final report showing 48 instances of checks made out to “cash” is clearly visible in the general ledger even with a scant review by anyone without any accounting experience!

The Hudson Reporter posted this answer received on how such an “error” could occur:

“We were very surprised to see all those notations saying cash. We have called the accounting firm that prepared the report. They are equally surprised. We don’t know if this was some kind of a mechanical error in the software, or if it was a human error, but they’re accepting responsibility for it and they’re preparing corrected forms for us.”

As to the question of how single checks can not only be mislabeled in “error” by the dozens made out to “cash” and simultaneously be accrued to MULTIPLE PEOPLE almost THREE DOZEN TIMES in the same general ledger remains completely baffling.  

Below are actual copies from the pages showing anywhere from two, three, four, five even six individuals all credited with the same “cash” check.  

For the ELEC entries to meet legal requirements each INDIVIDUAL must show a check made out to them by their respective name!

Talking Ed Note: MSV will be following up to find out what kind of accounting protocols were applied to create such “errors” too.  We’ve never heard of any software package that has those kind of magical powers.  If it exists we want a copy from the accountant.  

Based on the initial comments, this snow job in May isn’t going over very well.  Folks have already indicated exactly what the evidence posted here reveals.  How is this going to possibly turn out?  Expect more finger pointing and and possibly an Al Capone type accounting outcome.

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