How you can support Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia

Carmelo Garcia is suing the Hoboken taxpayers and the Hoboken Housing Authority itself for an alleged “veiled threat” against him but it might as well be for not green lighting his real estate Vision Money/Money plan.

Either way, he wants more of your money.

Tonight at Lulu’s on River Street, Carmelo Garcia is asking you to fork over the benjamins.
The money Hoboken taxpayers are spending to stave off his second ludicrous civil lawsuit, borne out of the outrageous “ethnic cleansing” claim is obviously not enough.

MSV has received feedback on the event before most of Garcia’s second lawsuit against the HHA and City of Hoboken via the mayor barely survived being thrown out in total.

If you can’t hand over some lucrative real estate downtown, say about 15 acres or so, hey my brother can you spare a dime?

How about $2,600?

Tonight, they gonna paint da town red at Lulu’s.
Carmelo Garcia re: The Wire wants you to give him your money. Apparently, suing the Hoboken taxpayer twice
 in as many months isn’t enough. It’s not likely to earn those Vision Money/Money dollars either.

Talking Ed Note: Fyi, this is political satire, protected speech under the First Amendment and no threat, veiled or not shall stand against it – by hook or by crook.

Related: The Jersey Journal released its story on the Carmelo Garcia updated “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit. It’s worth a read and certainly worth leaving some thoughts in the comments for Garcia if one desires.

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