How to understand Ravispeak

In George Orwell’s seminal work, “1984,” decades before the rot of Karl Marx worked its way undermining positive minority community action and indoctrinating students in the universities by way of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory, speech itself was viewed as a weapon to be wielded by the state.

Behold the monsters rising as reason is decimated into oblivion.

Hoboken has a unique mayor in office during these tumultuous times. Once eager to latch on to the coattails of former governor Chris Christie in his ambition for higher elected office; Ravi Bhalla has pivoted to Establishment HudCo pol after becoming mayor and now arrives in the blink of an eye to embrace the “Defund the Police” plank in the pending Marxist revolution.

But first, the finale to the takeover of the Late Great Democrat Party which sits unawares as to its own self-destruction under the crushing weight of its paramilitary arms torching the very cities it has controlled, many over decades. “Systematic racism, holla!”

As is his history, Ravi Bhalla is less a traditional wannabe HudCo party boss and more of a political social climber seeking a way up and out. He embraces the political winds of the day, cuts backroom deals with barbarians in the town square all with an eye toward stepping up the proverbial ladder to a permanent political career.

On Sunday, after the Black Lives Matter protest in Hoboken generated praise and adoration among the Democrat media glitterati for not burning the Mile Square City to the ground; Ravi Bhalla graced residents with his glorified words in a Tuesday morning release.

A Horse provides the translation from the original Orwellian doublespeak or as here in the Mile Square City, Ravispeak.

The notification begins:

Ravispeak: “As I mentioned over the weekend I couldn’t be prouder of the way our City came together to peacefully demonstrate for racial justice and equality.”

Translation: Party insiders know with new internal polls the rioting and looting backfired but we must mobilize the minority vote in November for Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden. This is how we and I benefit. What pandemic?

Ravispeak: “Thank you to the many residents who joined on Friday,”

Translation: Most of you didn’t show up to join our revolutionary brothers and sisters but thanks to the communist sympathizers who did. The air time and media attention I garnered for myself is wonderful.

Ravispeak: “(thanks) also to Chief Kennth Ferrante and the Hoboken Police Department…

Translation: I’m required to insert this throw away line of thanks to the Hoboken Police as an afterthought but you all know it comes after my highly publicized tweet adoration of the “Defund the Police” plan in the controlled opposition and globalist funded Black Lives Matter internationale.

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