How much is that doggie in the window?

So we’re officially into both the holiday and the budget season and usually the two never mix.  We’re going to make an exception this time.  We need to know what your budget questions are and why?  Davidd already posted a query about the coupons.  Yes, you take your summons down to City Hall and you ask to exchange it for another coupon to get 15% off at a local restaurant and while there ask them to validate your parking.

Or you can just pay the ticket.  That’s definitely not a coupon.  In the budget for the parking utility there’s no item for tickets though, just coupons.  Make of it what you will.  

Okay, on to more serious matters.  We have a large problem with the lack of maintenance and attention to the field at Sinatra Park.  Where in the budget is either funds set aside or mention of its repair.  Based on a conversation with a city official with financial insight, we’re going with a figure closer to the $10 million mark.  This is strictly a guesstimate though based on the idea wherever it may be, it will be higher when completed.  With an introductory budget of under $100 million, this is certainly a large potentially budget busting item.

Will Hoboken be eligible for grants to cover at least part of this?  If so, shouldn’t there be a reserve for such things that come up?  

Okay, hit us with more on this, either in the comments section or via  We’ll explain why later. 

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