How many times did Michael Russo meet with Solomon Dwek?

A year ago when MSV broke the story in Hoboken about Councilman Michael Russo’s meeting with Solomon Dwek, it was thought the story revolved around a single meeting.

In a series of usual online exchanges on Hoboken Patch, the former reform advocate now Old Guard party line apologist Lane Bajardi to others makes some fanciful claims about fear and trepidation by Michael Russo.

In what is typical of the “what lie will he say next,” from Hoboken’s relentless pathological liar not paid for Beth Mason’s friendship, a typical exchange led to the revelation unnoticed in the transcript.

Based on the transcript included here on video, it appears Michael Russo may not have met with Solomon Dwek one time as many would believe.

At the 45 second mark is when Michael Russo references a prior meeting!
“As I was saying last week when we met…”

MSV is withholding a conclusion on the matter.  In the interests of full disclosure, we’ve provided the exact exchange as discussed in Grafix Avenger’s story today and the video is unedited from the original FBI surveillance tape:

For Grafix Avenger’s story see the link below:

Talking Ed Note: The original full video of Michael Russo’s meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek is available here.  Does this look like a man who is feeling threatened and who is looking to get away from the lunch?

Da Horsey smells a rat and prosbus doth protest too much.

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