House Intel Memo on FISA Abuse Released!

The Memo is four pages with two pages from White House counsel:

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  • The Memo clearly reveals a massive conspiracy of illegal domestic spying with a foundation of gross abuse to obtain MULTIPLE illegal warrants from the FISA Court.
  • Warrants obtained from the FISA court were processed never revealing the source (Christopher Steele) was a paid political operative who voiced a clear desire to INTERFERE IN THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. 
  • Steele is a (former?) member of the UK Secret Service MI-6.
  • Senior DOJ and FBI officials knowingly took paid information from another political party (DNC & Hillary Clinton) and presented it to the Court as its own information never revealing more than $10 million was spent in an international political operation using Kremlin sources.
  • This will be the beginning of a massive shakeup with a major investigation. Heads will roll! 
  • Reportedly, this is not only the beginning of what will dwarf WaterGate but there are at least several other memos of similar concern. This is only beginning!  
  • Another major investigation beginning prior to President Trump being sworn in may have been the basis for this Congressional investigative report. That report begun in January 2017 by Michael Horowitz, the DOJ Inspector General fully 1.2 million pages is being presented to Congress and will be released to the public in early March.
  • Prior to release the FBI reviewed The Memo with its senior counter intel and legal person admitting no facts contained therein are incorrect. The Memo is certified as accurate.
  • Corresponding underlying classified documents for The Memo are under review and will be made public. 
  • BOTTOM LINE: The so-called Russian Dossier was a fraud perpetrated on the Court to obtain multiple warrants for illegal domestic spying purposes paid for by the opposition party (DNC & Hillary Clinton). The only collusion was among those parties with Christopher Steele and the Kremlin. 
Some efforts to spin the revelations in The Memo are backfiring. Andrew McCabe’s admission the spurious Dossier was the basis for obtaining a warrant for domestic spying was being described as untrue. Then this revelation by Congressman Lee Zeldin revealed McCabe’s testimony is recorded.

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