Hospital Update: Bankruptcy Hearing moved to Wednesday

Here’s the latest update on the hospital sale and yes, it’s progressing.  The hearing in Newark scheduled for today has been moved to Wednesday.  A bankruptcy judge is expected to hear the case with the creditors committee and an anticipated recommendation from its members.

While there’s haggling on a settlement, sources close to the discussion maintain a high degree of confidence in reaching an agreement.

A settlement with the creditors committee paves the way for the sale to Bayonne’s Holdco, keeping an acute care hospital in Hoboken seven years out.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has been relentlessly working to save the hospital
against the forces who seek its closure for political advantage.

Talking Ed Note: The noise consistent before last week’s City Council meeting by the Old Guard that the hospital deal was dead has faded into the background.  The planted story Holdco had walked away from the deal as it turns out was a ruse.

You can probably guess who was aligned behind the scenes playing that song.

Political operatives continue to trot out the same rehashed lines about the bidding process and other options but the clock runs out on October 7th as the hospital lacks operating funds beyond that date.

Even the Jersey City Medical Center bid has been trotted out again.  Their plan was to maintain a minimal medical facility and add a bunch of medical offices piloted so the Hoboken taxpayers picks up the tab.

As before, the same retreaded talking points get spouted over and over as others are knocked down.  No one is claiming the hospital was “forced” into bankruptcy anymore with the hospital’s viability days from expiring.

That should tell you a lot about the information they’ve been feeding you.

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