Hospital sale on standby

Since the late Friday announcement by Mayor Dawn Zimmer a settlement with the creditors committee was close, the hospital situation is simmering.

MSV like others is hopeful there will be more positive news today as Sunday passed with no anticipated update.

Mayor Zimmer speaking with media after the press conference Friday

Talking Ed Note: Bitterness is intermingling with falsehoods on local boards as those who were already pointing the finger of blame with one hand, were giddy over the efforts to sabotage the hospital sale with the other like the Beth Russo hydra.

Hospital Authority Board Member Eric Kurta stated here after this issue ends, he looks to have a public review of the details in how Holdco was selected.  He notes the bid was superior to others and was the unanimous choice of the Hospital Authority board and also the stakeholders committee.

Of course none of these facts matter nor will they.  Such is the commitment to the hyper-partisans in Hoboken who would prefer to see Hoboken burned to the ground than a good outcome on this issue for so many.

Grafix Avenger highlights the most poisonous voice who doesn’t get paid for friendship by Councilwoman Beth Mason to keep cancer growing in Hoboken and on Hoboken411.

At the last City Council meeting, Beth Mason explained her support of the fascist website ruled with iron fisted censorship, not by denying she called it a “news source” as MSV noted at the meeting, but by saying she didn’t own or control it.

In public portion Councilman Michael Russo claimed MSV was lying, putting words in his mouth on the statement he said the Hospital Authority did not have the ability to sell the hospital.  Unfortunately, like Russo’s comments about the authors of The Jersey Sting,” we have a tape.  That’s coming.

First there’s a far larger matter of seeing this hospital saved.

Meanwhile Grafix Avenger has decided to take the higher road based on advice from a spiritual advisor and let a different higher power handle the disease running amok in Hoboken.

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