Hospital Recap/Video – Coming shortly

Lots to catch up on after last night’s Hoboken University Medical Center.  We will be back with all the news and plenty of video including the entire Q&A.

For now, let’s throw you folks a bone.  In 2010, they are taking action: 10% salary reductions across the board!  Every employee is taking the hit except one.  CEO Spiros Hatiras will be taking a 15% reduction!  The unions are still in negotiations and the CEO prefers wage reductions to any additional layoffs or a job hiring freeze.

Hoboken resident and Revolt steering committee member Toni Tomarazzo came after her appointment to the Hospital Authority Board and immediately got off to a good start.  She spoke with the Acting CFO and will be doing lots of Christmas financial analysis reading.  She also expressed a strong desire to act on the revenue side to help the hospital maximize its strengths on delivery for the Hoboken community and beyond with a focus on strengthening revenue.  After we left the meeting, we trotted over to the City Council and got word on the appointments to the Zoning Board and the alternates.  It’s great news across the board, pardon the pun.  

Back soon!  First up, the CEO Spiros Hatiras report.

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