The Hospital: in line with revenue projections?

Last night the Hoboken University Medical Center held it’s monthly board meeting.  Due to a late conflict, MSV missed the action.  And it sounds like something akin to a coup took place.  There was a 5-4 vote with Commissioner Toni Tomarazzo taking the helm on a legal review finance committee.  (We’re not clear on what that really means but we’ll find out.)

Mark Mauer at the Jersey Journal posted a story on the apparent overthrow of the status quo.  The mayor showed up and expressed concern on the projected figures for this year while CEO Spiros Hatiras expressed confidence the numbers were in line to break even or do better by year’s end.  Mayor Zimmer also expressed an interest to privatize the hospital.  That’s obviously the right direction to take.

Claire Moses reported on this story with more extensive quotes for  It’s an absolute must read.

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