Horse Sense: With budget surplus zero, Hoboken snafu sure to follow

At Wednesday’s council meeting, the action of most lasting impact on Hoboken was the zeroing out of the budget surplus.  Providing approximately $4 million in tax relief, it sets the city up for big trouble and not in the long run, just around the corner.

The city is now naked and unable to handle tax appeals, pay the firefighters unions eventual contracted back pay or deal with any myriad of issues.  Worse, Hoboken’s bond rating just above junk status is guaranteed to be hurt by the immature action of the Beth Russo ‘majority.’

This time there’s no hiding.  They did it intentionally with full knowledge.  Once again and in their last days as a lame duck council, the Beth Russo crew show their contempt for the institution of government, the taxpayers and also the City of Hoboken.

Frank Raia (l) joined Michele “five dollars a tow” Russo at the CC meeting.

They are presenting Hoboken with a trojan horse gift.  Inside is the Russo clan daggers.  At the end of the vote on the budget amendment, there’s applause.  It’s pretty much a group of five sitting near Michele Russo.

Do you think Michele Russo is applauding on behalf of the taxpayers?  She doesn’t pay Hoboken taxes as she lives with her son in subsidized housing.  She’s applauding the destruction she’s dealt against Mayor Zimmer, the Reform council and Hoboken.  From the ensuing wreckage they plan to point the finger and cynically gain political power in two years.

Frank Raia agrees with this too apparently and is eager to see Mayor Zimmer taken down and power fully returned to the Old Guard.  During executive session a group of folks stood in the middle of the lobby and Mr. Raia and Da Horsey shared a few words, with one complaining about fairness on a local website and stating he was with “the people” and the other saying he was on the side of the “law with the people.”  We’ll let you guess as to which is which.

Talking Ed Note: MSV will have its video segment leading up to the budget amendment shortly.  Unfortunately the new video group lost the first three hours of the meeting on a technical problem with Ustream.  Having used that service, we’re familiar with the issue.  There’s no conspiracy here, just a problem that arises when you step into an emergency.  A DVD is being made for delivery to City Hall and transfer for Ch. 78.  It could be on TV as soon as Monday.

MSV is looking into obtaining a copy and will attempt to upload the hours missed.

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