Horse Sense: Tuesday Weather Forecast: clear, seasonable with Reform skies

In one looming setback for the Old Guard, the weather for election day this Tuesday looks clear with Reform skies.  Grafix Avenger’s Russo insider Deep Uvula was probably hoping the voodoo prayers over at “The Association,” would lead to rain and see reform voters staying in and ordering their frappacino from Starbucks via delivery.

Granted that was one funny line but the wiggly flesh ball had it right: it’s all about the street fight now and getting out the vote.

This election is going to define Hoboken, moving us forward or backward.  The forces of insider trades, back room payoffs, fat profitable developer deals and the old, dark ways are not going to sit by and cry over their beer watching replays of “On the Waterfront,” lamenting the good old days.  They will go out and mock the NJ Attorney General and the Feds in Newark with massive paid voter schemes and paper ballots piled high in every ward possible smiling at you while calling you sucker.

There’s not been a better group of people on this Reform slate to get behind.  A couple of hours here and there can make a big difference.  Every action has a reaction and who you touch may lead to that person touching others who will hit the polls.

When you see FBI surveillance tape of Mike Russo trading on his public office in a first time meeting with a declared developer and then his cousin Terry Castellano at the last City Council meeting defending his actions saying, “He didn’t commit a crime,” what else about these people do you need to hear?  Criminal conspiracy to them is meaningless unless it comes courtesy of an escort to a jail cell.

The Russo-Mason cabal wants the wheels of power and if the voters of Hoboken fail to stop them, they see no reason to either fulfilling their objectives, no matter how unethical, how distasteful, or flat out corrupt.

If Hoboken people fail to get out and stop this culture of corruption, they won’t stop either.  After the installation of their puppet Tim Occhipinti with the biggest voter fraud in Hoboken memory, they immediately marshaled together without pause, hijacked the City Council in a midnight power grab and began the plunder, obstructing or deconstructing every decent initiative the mayor brought to the table along the way from Corner Cars to Parks to another 5% tax cut in a budget that’s been sitting on their desks for weeks.

They live for this.

Are you ready for a war?  

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