Horse Sense: The rapid demise of the Hudson Reporter aka The Distorter

Old Guard bias and series of unethical tactics exposed undo the Hudson Distorter

It’s one thing to cover up newsworthy government reports when it comes to your political allies tied to development interests, quite another to go on a public tantrum after a series of serious exposures comes to light on your unsavory “journalistic” practices.

It produces a fishy smell combined with the odor wafting out of a fourth ward sewer; the latest in a Masonic ethic “ethnic cleansing” coupling with Mister Carmelo.

The Hudson Distorter has been spinning out of control in a nosedive straight into the bowels of Hoboken’s sewer system, its likely final destination.

If it can’t obtain a desired result based on the recent “Hobroken” election, someone has to pay for this state of affairs. If not the mayor’s husband, then the old standby: “the blogs.”

Everyone understands that shorthand. Can the Hudson Reporter deliver on that promise?

Censorship anyone? A commenter made fun of disappearing social media of Beth Mason’s political operative henchmen. The crying demand for censorship is exposed in this actual email obtained in the Bajardi v Pincus frivolous SLAPP-suit.

After failing to achieve political ends with the devastating outcome in the City Council elections, the Hudson Reporter quickly turned its ire of election frustration on “the blogs.” Both in its print version and on Facebook numerous charges leveled with promises about “the blogs” coming out in emails “soon.” This after an unseemly set of false and defamatory attacks exposed on Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Well at least if you believe Al Sullivan. He launched into a crusade of wild claims but first made sure to block both MSV and Grafix Avenger before doing so. You can’t have your targets publicly responding when you launch reckless allegations in complete disregard of the truth.

Here’s Sully well, sullying:

Emails prove “a steady correspondence with the Zimmer administration and… misinformation?”
Gee, how’d that political line and lawsuit work on for Beth Mason and the Bajardis again?

Grafix Avenger fired back immediately calling out Al Sullivan and the Hudson Reporter to put up or shut up. Her response came after Sullivan made reckless charges right out of the Beth Mason political operative playbook. Sometimes when you ignore history, it really does repeat itself.

Yawn, been there, done that. The Old Guard tried this tactic in 2011 and even with an inside City Hall ally looting all electronic communications coming and going out of the mayor’s office for well over a year; they came up with zip. Well, they did get the FBI to show up sending them all scurrying like cockroaches.

Do we need to remind the Hudson Reporter where some of those stolen emails were found with the Beth Mason supported SLAPP-suit?

How is your breakfast political operative pal doing these days Al?

A Hudson Reporter breakfast with Beth Mason and her political operatives? Did the Hudson Reporter not recall what it knew years earlier when it wrote about the frivolous Beth Mason supported SLAPP-suit only identifying the plaintiffs as a “Hoboken couple” and later describing them as innocent “victims.”

It’s one thing for a Beth Mason political operative to trot out this kind of warped conspiracy theory but a political columnist should be somewhat more adept. When your political columns covering Hoboken are viewed as nothing more than entertainment and regularly wrong when it references the Mile Square; that’s not the Rx to double down on if you have a modicum of common sense.

Sullivan also alleges the unpublished Garcia ethnic cleansing “emails prove the administration uses them to attack its enemies like snipers shooting from behind rocks.”

Where’s the proof? Sullivan said weeks ago the Hudson Reporter wouldn’t be influenced by MSV and planned to publish all the Carmelo Garcia ethnic cleansing emails. The only folks however who published any of the Carmelo “ethnic cleansing” emails to date is Grafix Avenger, Hudson County View and a horse.

What the Hudson Reporter proved quite clearly, is that there’s serious lying going on with a heaping dose of a reckless disregard for the truth. Sprinkled with a regular dash of suppressing actual news and added censorship to boot concocting a frightful stew. It’s revealed in their own emails. 

Someone forgot to tell the Hudson Reporter and Sully if you want to engage in a threat about exposing administration emails with “the blogs,” you better be prepared to see your bluff called.

You would think someone there would have a clue after the Bench Slapped Series published earlier this year even as the Hudson Reporter ignored ALL those emails.

As Grafix Avenger wrote yesterday, a certain email litigation package Carmelo Garcia hoped would land him into another taxpayer paid position on the Hoboken City Council didn’t quite work out but worse; it doesn’t contain the emails Sully claims “show a steady correspondence between the Zimmer administration and the bloggers, feeding them misinformation.

Let’s just say those emails are part of the treasure trove among tens of thousands in the possession of “the bloggers.” We’ll not nitpick on the “misinformation” trope. We’re not going to see any such list delineated with emails from the Hudson Reporter either.

GA noted there’s not so much as a Horsey appearance in the Carmelo “ethnic cleansing” emails which makes this pony kinda sad. What’s up with this Grossbard fellow, can’t anyone teach him to write in Horse? Perhaps he should contact the Giant, Kurt Gardiner who is adept at translating hoof Morse code.

The epidemic email exposure may be over by Christmas and no doubt the Hudson Reporter and its Old Guard allies would be grateful if it ended there.

Da Horsey should mention we’re thinking Christmas 2020.

Unger hugging fish graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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