Horse Sense: Public call on Beth Mason to ‘control her animals’

Mason political operative Matt Calicchio stopped by two OEM Public Safety Officials from attacking  MSV in City Hall

Before last night’s City Council, much was serene. Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived with Director Leo Pellegrini loaded with not one but three citizen commendations. Citizens who risked much diving into cold waters to save a person jumping into the Hudson was the believed reason.

Prior to the meeting, MSV dropped off paperwork and walked to the rear of the council chambers abuzz with a bigger than usual audience in recent months. Fourth ward Democratic committeeman and Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio circled past and immediately let fly, “You better get the fuck out of here.”
The meeting was only minutes from start. Calicchio then took a place near the rear door and directed comments from about 15 feet away to again inquire, “how’s your dead brother?” That followed with a threat implying use of the police as a political tool for an arrest, (apparently on behalf of Beth Mason).
The plan to watch the early part of the meeting was jettisoned for other work and upon exit through Council Chambers and the metal detector who followed but the same Matt Callichio, who began yelling some fanciful tale. 
Not 20 feet from the entrance to City Hall, MSV stopped and observed as two OEM public safety officials sprang into action to stop Matt Calicchio on his trek as he issued another public threat inviting violence. 
This latest incident has a different sinister flavor from past assaults by Beth Mason’s staff.
Fourth ward Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio and his boss, Beth Mason.
In the infamous words of our fourth ward on safari colleague Perry, 
Ms. Mason:

Should any violence or additional phony police charges occur, Beth Mason will be held responsible. 
MSV will defend itself under the fullest extent of the law.

Each assault on MSV over years, often in full view in broad daylight of other witnesses (including Beth Mason) involves her people.
It’s completely unacceptable. I publicly call on Beth Mason and her staff to cease and desist.
Talking Ed Note: After more than five years attending and reporting on government meetings, one might think it’s inappropriate for thuggish behavior to interfere with doing so.

Ironically, the rough and tumble history in Hoboken has never seen any similar antics with threats and physical attacks against MSV from within the Russo faction. In one minor verbal (seated) incident at a council meeting years back, corrective action was taken immediately with an apology, handshakes and professionalism. (No names needed.) MSV is not one for drama but enough is enough.

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