Horse Sense: the politics of Hoboken’s water infrastructure and media politrickery

On Monday morning, Hoboken’s century old water system received more attention with an unusual release from Beth Mason.  What made it so odd was the immediate and unquestioned publishing of its content in both the Jersey Journal and the Hudson Reporter early that day.

What exactly was the reason Councilwoman Beth Mason brought up “past administrations” without detailing anything about the water contract itself?  Far odder was the linking of the water infrastructure problems to a North Hudson Sewerage Authority commissioner, Frank “Pupie” Raia who has no responsibility on the issue.  Perhaps NHSA commissioner Tony Soares will weigh in and provide similar odd “assurances.”
Why didn’t the media ask the Chairman of the NHSA what exactly sewerage has to do, if anything, to aid the Hoboken water system before publishing Mason’s release without vetting?  Quite an odd non-sequitir all around or an illustration of an incestuous relationship.
Councilwoman Mason then made another odd remark about political donation issues during this period without substantiating anything directly evidencing her claim to “past administrations.”
All this is fodder worth more examination and is oddly timed with the Mason Civic Association’s strange political activity over Easter weekend.  Mason’s paid political operative Matt Calicchio was also witnessed going in and out of the political section office Tuesday afternoon.
MSV will be exploring the less than civic activity and the media’s behavior in an upcoming subscriber story.  
Da Horsey is on standby for breaking news but otherwise the 2013 subscriber drive continues.  Thanks again to those who continue to endorse the efforts here.  Keep it going.
The beautiful spring weather has most putting aside Hoboken’s water politics.  Da Horsey however isn’t one.

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