Horse Sense: Old Guard teams up in last hope: Get Ravi!

The Old Guard fielded slates are not solidifying toward victory almost three weeks to Election Day, so it’s back to old tricks. The guy with the big target on his back is the “animal” as Perry Belfiore called Councilman Bhalla in a City Council meeting.

(Did Perry Belfiore apologize to the councilman for his ugly behavior?)

Old Guard politico Perry Belfiore isn’t finished savaging the “animal” as he calls Councilman Ravi Bhalla.
The Old Guard is uniting in a last ditch attempt to wrest one at-large council seat by any means possible.

Let’s say up front it’s going to get really ugly.  You don’t think a long time politico in Perry Belfiore who hoped to be the City Business Administrator in a Ramos administration and the rest of the Old Guard with Ramos or the Raia-Mason slate is done do you?

There’s only one way the Old Guard goes down and that’s ugly.  No shrill lie will be pumped out without repeating.  No phony outrage too over the top not to yell to the rafters and no online mercenary in the form of fascist censor Perry Klaussen of Beth Mason sponsored Hoboken411 to go underutilized.

This is the same Perry Belfiore after all who went up in a City Council meeting on Michael Russo FBI Surveillance Night in early April 2011 and said what was required of his agreeing to accept bribes in $5,000 increments was a couple of “mea culpas.”

That’s a direct quote. You haven’t heard a word from Belfiore about the Russo Crime Syndicate since.

While Belfiore hunted down his prey in the weekend paper again, one Hoboken resident gave a more sanguine perspective on the Old Guard political ruckus.

Here’s that letter retelling the facts of a matter of no ethical or legal importance then or now.

I write to express my surprise by the Hoboken Reporter’s story last week concerning Councilman Ravi Bhalla. The story related to Ravi’s decision to participate in a unanimous vote to re-appoint an attorney, Paul Condon, so he could continue representing the city in an ongoing matter. The DCA advised Ravi that because he shared liability on an office lease with Mr. Condon he should not have voted, despite the fact that Corporation Counsel had advised Ravi at the time that voting was ok. The triviality of the matter was made clear by the fact that no penalty whatsoever was imposed. The DCA waived the already trivial $100 fine because they acknowledged that the issue was a judgment call for which no guiding precedent existed.

I have been a labor lawyer for over three decades and from reading the article, this is what is clear to me: Councilman Bhalla responsibly sought the advice of the Hoboken city attorney on whether to abstain or to vote on a routine matter that was adopted 9-0. Then, four years later, an agency in Trenton decided that it disagreed with the advice provided to Councilman Bhalla by his attorney. Is Councilman Bhalla unethical for following his lawyer’s advice and voting, which is exactly what he has been elected to do in the first place? This matter is not an ethics issue. It is nothing more than a reasonable disagreement among lawyers about an inconsequential matter.

I have observed Councilman Bhalla’s performance on the City Council for the last four years. Councilman Bhalla is a class act and a voice of calm and reason. We should all be grateful for the public service he has given Hoboken over these four years. As Council President, his leadership was essential in making sure we were able to save the hospital. And he has been a part of a team on the Council, working with Mayor Zimmer, to restore fiscal responsibility and cut taxes four years in a row – another real accomplishment.

I hope people can see through these unfair attacks and focus on the issues and accomplishments that make me and other Hobokenites proud of Councilman Bhalla, Mayor Zimmer and the rest of her team.

Very truly yours,
Deborah Hulbert

Talking Ed Note: There’s some new video of interest to peruse so let’s say we spare Hoboken one bout of ugliness in HHA tenant “rep” Debra Morrissette’s unfortunate appearance attacking and slandering Jessica Coco seconds after she recounted to the council and public the numerous attacks of intimidation, harassment, break-ins, burglaries and death threats.

What’s useful is the public understands how the landlord in Carmelo Garcia and a HHA tenant advocate jointly sprung into attack mode when a HHA resident who dared to speak about the crimes she said occurred against her in recent months.

As Coco says, it’s all connected to skepticism on Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20.

With tenant “advocates” like this, who needs enemies?

Oh to be high on the favored Carmelitos list but what is there to gain when criminal activity places the landlord in double jeopardy? All those blathered promises are about to become as worthless as the parchment never written on – not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Thank you very much Mr. Carmelo!

Related: Back in 2010 when the then jovial opposition in Perry Belfiore made the original effort against Councilman Ravi Bhalla, MSV covered the story and complaint.

This Horse Sense editorial is dedicated to my brother Dino.

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