Horse Sense: New Jersey prepares for its biggest fraudulent election in state history

Next month, you may have a chance to vote in a New Jersey election.

It’s a forced fed prescription shoving down the throats of New Jersey’s nine million citizens the opportunity to participate, have someone participate on your behalf or see your vote simply nullified by the biggest voter fraud ever hosted in New Jersey election history.

This is inevitable, whether you love the idea or hate it. The official claim from Trenton and the governor’s office says it’s due to the pandemic. Of course, that doesn’t wash down well for those desiring voter integrity but with so many pols backing statewide protests they’ve been participating in as part of the BLM Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden minority voter drive, fuggetaboutit.

Voter integrity is out; voter mobs are in. You can protest by the thousands during a pandemic but you can’t go to the polls and vote by secret ballot and see your legal vote recorded in a secure location. That’s not safe. Insert eye roll here.

This election, set for July seventh is a precursor to slamming an all vote by mail election down New Jersey residents’ throats in November. It will feature zero checks and balances for voter fraud.

Zero. Nada. Nunca.

Previously under New Jersey law, Vote by Mail or absentee ballot voting came at the verified registered voter’s request. Standardized generic requests a decade back with no reason required requesting an absentee ballot became law and the floodgates were opened.

Now, no voter application of an eligible New Jersey voter requesting a vote by mail ballot is required. A flood of ballots are simply ordered released by county election boards across the state and sent into the wild. Voter ballots are guaranteed to arrive to dead voters homes, those who moved, those ineligible and non-citizens in record numbers.

Last month, Paterson saw major challenges to voter integrity with vote by mail as law enforcement investigations uncovered mail fraud involving mass mailed “bundled ballots” in its spring municipal election.

Paterson candidates pointed to a massive voter fraud problem accusing opponents of even “stealing ballots from home mailboxes.”

Late last month, county officials disqualified thousands of ballots, fully 19% of the votes cast.

Multiply this across the entire state of New Jersey and what do you think we’ll see? In previous national elections, tens of millions of vote by mail ballots vanished. That’s the ugly flip side of this pandemic Garden State election.

Some states like New Mexico have seen lawsuits and its state Supreme Court nixing the automatic release of vote by mails without a voter’s request. But this is New Jersey.

They don’t call it the Soprano State for nothing.

Check your mailbox for voter ballots. Get your vote by mail ballots, here it is, voter ballots! 

Talking Ed Note: Don’t worry if you don’t get your vote by mail ballot, someone probably has it. They can vote for you, sell it to a friendly voter harvester in the neighborhood and do what they want with it. You’ll be verified after the election as having voted. Congratulations!

This is the ultimate voter fraud harvesting scenario nullifying all efforts at curbing voter fraud in New Jersey.

It’s an issue I’ve spent years fighting and exposing here in Hoboken since 2009 in numerous exclusive investigative stories.

Last year Hoboken saw a number of federal convictions presented in federal district court for voter fraud in its 2013 election as part of a massive vote by mail conspiracy. An underwriter, Frank Raia, was convicted and sentenced to three months in a federal prison having obtained leniency for good work he has done in the community and avoiding a maximum five year sentence. Others pleading guilty await sentencing and a FBI investigation into the Hoboken elections of 2015 and likely 2017 is believed ongoing.

But why bother? Just like that, voter fraud is a crime no more.
It’s so Democratic.

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