Horse Sense: Lane Bajardi – You’re a sham!

There’s a line between private citizens and elected officials and one worth considering any time the former comes into the public eye.  It’s always best to side with caution and respect the rights of private citizens to remain outside the spotlight given to elected officials.  It’s our policy to do so here but we are going to make an exception.  Lane Bajardi, welcome to your own special club.

Hoboken411 once again showing a no holds barred approach to supporting its advertisers, in this case on behalf of the Mason Campaign has posted both comments and video right out of the Swibinski playbook.  We’re calling foul for several reasons.

First in the video, it’s clear the camera angle used is in fact Councilwoman’s Beth Mason’s camera and her paid cameraman.  Who obtained the tape and edited it for this political purpose?  We don’t know but we’re going to strongly suggest it’s been forwarded on the authority of Councilwoman Mason.  Now Councilwoman Mason is being permitted the right to film in the City Council Chambers based on the public interest, but is it in the public interest to permit filming on City property for personal political gain?  Are we now allowing candidates to film on city property and in the City Council Chambers for use in their political campaigns?  If so, what are the rules of conduct for such and are other candidates allowed to set up shop and have their own cameras operate for their political benefit as well?  Why should one candidate be allowed to film for their political advantage on city property?  Surely, Kim Glatt, Frank Raia, and Nathan Brinkman would like to have cameras set up in the City Council chambers for later edited application to aid their political campaigns too.  Is Councilwoman Mason offering this tape to all the candidates?   Mr. Swibinski, please provide us a copy?  We promise to distribute it to all the candidates.

Second, Lane has been arguing for transparency but there’s quite a bit of smoke swirling around his family on the work done on behalf of the Beth Mason campaign.  Other than family time spent on Hoboken411, we’d like an answer on the question whether the Bajardi clan is on the Mason campaign payroll and what exact forms of compensation are involved?  We’re not talking about any promise of future employment in a potential Mason Administration, but actual and exact monetary compensation. If the Mason campaign is making political “commercials” on city property with you as the star, public’s right to know and all.

Third, it’s become fairly obvious that Lane Bajardi is writing the political commentary on Hoboken411 for Perry Klaussen.  Read the short bullet points with the video.  It’s almost a word for word recitation of Lane Bajardi’s words in the City Council Chambers.  People have been pointing out this obvious odd circumstance for quite a while now.  Was Lane Bajardi also responsible for the Cammarano hit piece last spring on unpaid child support for a previously unknown child?  In the spirit of transparency Lane, we’d like an answer.

Fourth, of the questionable commenters on Lane Bajardi’s diatribes on Hoboken411, how many of them are a Bajardi family effort?  Most on the ever shortening politically censored threads look like the handiwork of the same persons?  In the spirit of transparency, we’d like to get this on the record too.

Now as to raising the questions on the budget, we have no qualms on the matter.  It’s absolutely fair to ask questions and make requests as a citizen for more information and question the process as well.  At the same time, everyone is aware the fiscal monitor Judy Tripodi is charged with the task and the acting mayor has input but not overall control in guiding the budget decisions still underway. Can we stop pretending that this reality doesn’t exist?

Mr. Bajardi, you are now far outside the bounds of decorum and acting as the loyal opposition.  You have become completely tactless, obnoxious, overbearing and rude in your personal attacks on the Acting Mayor in the City Council and it’s absolutely disgraceful.  Have you no shame?

We note the video ends before you finally departed from the microphone where you personally attacked the Acting Mayor calling her “a sham.”  When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, how is it possible you can not recognize your own face?

Talking Ed Note: the above video is an unedited copy from the original Mason for Mayor campaign posted under “Stop Hiding the Budget” on youtube.  This is the only copy we know of as the original was removed in its entirety.

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