Je suis Horsey

With freedom of speech being given rapt global attention in the City of Lights, that spotlight comes full circle here in Hoboken.

Most aren’t aware there’s a well financed operation engaging in a years long war against a basic American freedom many take for granted worthy of a Sopranos episode.

For the Hoboken Sopranos, guns, bats, knives and arson are so 20th century. Those tools are ineffective against independent voices rising anonymously in the Hoboken blogosphere of their own volition against what’s been described by one Old Guard denizen as “the internets.”

What spontaneously germinated online in Hoboken against Beth Mason backed censorship on Hate411 wasn’t foreseen but it certainly undermined her political ambitions to control speech and see her dreams of power fulfilled.

Remember this little Beth Mason plan gone awry back in the summer of 2009?


Here former Councilwoman Carol Marsh shuts the door on the attempt to have the City of Hoboken officially back the lie infested, defamatory ridden enemy of free speech proposed by Beth Mason. Who recalls any of her minions, past and present voicing complaint with the fascism doled out there on a regular basis over years?

It wasn’t the last time the tools of government power would attempt to leverage an attack on the First Amendment in Hoboken. The war on speech continued taking different forms.

In the Mile Square City, warfare against speech doesn’t use automatic weapons but greedy lawyers eager and willing to do the beckoning of the Beth Mason family checkbook, applying the malicious abuse of process using the courts, civil and criminal.

Back in 2009 during the spring Hoboken mayoral campaign, one decades long Hudson County political consultant sat among other senior advisors to the Beth Mason for mayor campaign hearing her frustration with online opposition.

Beth Mason’s inner circle, her “kitchen cabinet” more than once discussed the prospect of applying “frivolous lawsuits” as a tool to shut down dissent in Hoboken. Mason political operatives engaged in a years long effort to convince the Mason checkbook to fund a full fledged attack on the First Amendment in the Mile Square.

No longer would they use a Mason sponsored Hoboken website in a battle deploying full out censorship to win hearts and minds of the ignorant, malevolent or morally compromised. Mason’s political operatives would take this war to another front: the courts.

Recent news of Beth Mason and her campaign treasurer husband, Richard Mason slammed with campaign fines in the tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t tell the story on that front. The state issued tally of $40,000 reduced from potentially more than $2,000,000 for hundreds of violations doesn’t reveal the true contempt for NJ campaign laws and the residents of Hoboken are held.

There’s a far more cynical political operation linking the attack on the First Amendment in Hoboken and the abuse of political committees outside of the election cycle to launder money to political operatives Beth Mason keeps on the payroll. 

The targets of this Beth Mason political operation are Hoboken residents and its reform oriented citizenry who have spoken out against the City of Hoboken’s institutions being run like a crime family. The objective is to make an example of their independent voices and apply the courts as a weapon in her unquenchable thirst for political power.

Local media or what constitutes officially same is either incapable, unequipped or worse, completely complicit in standing up to or shining the light on any of it.

Let the disinfectant shine and the chips fall where they may.

Talking Ed Note: MSV invites the Boys of Summer to come see Horsey again. There’s more to share on all of this.

For those who wish to see the the light of truth on this and clear their conscience, email Thanks for your confidence to date. This Horse Sense editorial is dedicated to you.

MSV will continue to do its part.  Je suis Horsey.

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