Horse Sense: It’s dead Jim

Not much beats repeats of the original Star Trek.  The story lines were pretty original and offered some social commentary without beating you over the head with it like much of the heavy handed rabble coming out of Hollywood today.  Avatar is just the latest example but TV has been steadily providing the same lousy diet too.

One person called their Congressman, in this case it’s Barney Frank who offered the bleak assessment on the damage wrought from yesterday’s tsunami.  Looks like the breakdown is occurring on multiple fronts and the bravado about passing the government’s total control and regulation of the health care industry yesterday is dead, for now anyway.  As most Americans actually are for real health care reform, it’s frankly astonishing this farce made it this far but the power grab is what it certainly was and Scott Brown articulated consistent opposition to it riding a liberal Democratic state to a shocking victory.  Even with Obama’s visit on Sunday, the tide was not halted and the freight train of the voters seeking real change came to the forefront.

The Raw Story has the details on the first hand account of the call to Barney Frank who apparently just decided to take the call.  It’s definitely worth a read.  Reality striking has a funny ring to it.  We don’t think we’ll be hearing much about teabagging now.  The second Boston Tea Party just hit, in a big you know what way.  Funny how history repeats itself.

Related: Sen. Menendez discusses the loss of independent voters and the need to recapture the “change” mantra.  We note it’s odd to proclaim yourself change agents when you have been running Congress since the end of 2006.  Hey, good luck with that!

More of the same at TPM.  Let the kvetching commence.

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