Horse Sense: How to double down as a loser

Barely a day into the fully fielded mayoral race, the mud has already started to fly. If you watched the Council meetings last night and or meeting previous, you know the concerted efforts by the Russo clan to force a vote on a resolution to have the Acting Mayor surrender her Fourth Ward and City Council President seat by having her renamed Interim Mayor has been a large bone of contention.
Although the deadline has long since passed for such a resolution, and the votes certainly not evident for passage, the last two meetings have featured Councilwoman Terry Castellano and Councilman Mike Russo pushing it with reckless abandon all in the hope to get a vote on the record or eject the Acting Mayor out of the Council Chamber altogether. In order to do so, they needed a majority vote renaming the Acting Mayor as Interim Mayor, an action that would force Dawn Zimmer to remove herself from those temporary duties following Peter Cammarano’s resignation.
The loutish behavior although declared quite inert by each Hoboken legal counsel, not once but several times over the last two City Council meetings produced little to no effect on the boorish behavior of Mike Russo who repeatedly demanded a vote. After being informed that the requested vote on such a resolution was yet again a waste of time and not to be viewed by a NJ Court in a favorable light which would result, Russo nevertheless kept demanding that such a vote be called. Unfortunately, his citation of procedure known as the Robert Rules of Order is to be polite questionable at best. His outcries and comments without due recognition in turn from the Council President another mere formality in his mind. At the end of the long meeting, several Hoboken residents in the public portion period were incensed, voicing strong disapproval for the useless actions. You can review some of the proceedings as it happened in part 2 here. Notice that not a minute after both legal counsel conclude similarly, Councilwoman Terry Castellano declares the Russo clan was denied a meaningless vote at the last meeting. Hoboken meet the Twilight Zone.
An online petition called dualjobdawn, equally of no legal value as the Russo clan’s efforts in the City Council, has been posted to coincide with a similar yet unreleased attack ad by Councilwoman Beth Mason. That petition has to this point obtained but 19 signatures, some anonymous but it counts among them: Michelle Russo, Bob Castelllano, P Cammarano, Mickey Mouse, Fluffer Lane, and Jessica Hosbach.
While we look forward to a short election cycle with all candidates having an opportunity to put forward their platform, we wonder how effective residents will feel about this “petition” effort. We’re going to venture a guess and suggest it may not change many minds.
The complimentary commercial is already in the bag and awaiting a run on local television and cable stations. If this is the kind of effort Paul Swibinski is bringing on behalf of Beth Mason, we’d suggest she get a refund. Hoboken voters on the other hand are not being well served by any of this with the onset of the electoral season.

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