Horse Sense: Hoboken’s Pier C opening has slid

With all of Hoboken’a recurring infrastructure problems along the waterfront, the town certainly deserves some good news in this area.  Pier C opened for a test drive last July and is still not available for public use.  Some changes after the limited review came from the City Council but at this point the beautiful fall weather says the concerns about certain equipment being too hot and dangerous for children would no longer be problematic.  Areas with problems could be cordoned off if necessary.

Although viewing Pier C looks like a small play area for children, a walk out is a completely different experience.  The whole park is actually a marvel and would quickly become a popular destination for not only children but adults.

Last summer Mayor Zimmer tested out the slide.  The date for Pier C’s opening has since slid as well.

During the review, some questions posed to the mayor about the opening highlighted problems inherited in contracts with firms in subcontractor agreements.  Although the City does not hold the agreement directly with some of the manufacturers needed to complete the job, the work needs to be pressed ahead.

The mayor and the administration need to find a solution and get Pier C open as the last target date of late August has come and gone.  Although Hoboken has made much progress in a number of areas, this is one glaring example where execution needs to be better.  The timing sooner than later comes to mind

Pier C Park, even with limited access due to setting aside other areas pending final parts for completion would be a big boost to children and the town as a whole.  It’s that good.

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