Horse Sense: Hoboken faces speed bumps for basic road improvements

The City of Hoboken isn’t alone, slammed with a harsh winter leaving roadways less than desirable. This of course was before many roadways especially Washington Street were already less than desirable.

Lots of complaints about navigating on local roads can be heard. $2 million requested in bonding by the mayor is the proposal on the table as available State funds won’t put a dent in the problem.

A bond proposal requires six votes on the City Council. Six votes means that beyond the five “normal” reform oriented votes, – council members who are willing to listen, discuss and entertain the mayor’s proposal – one vote must come from among the Old Guard council: Beth Mason, Terry Castellano, Timmy Occhipinti and Michael Russo.

That sixth vote in recent years on many a noteworthy measure has been difficult if not impossible to come by.

As my colleague on the Hoboken Journal coined, the Council of No was consistent in saying no. Some of the Old Guard Council’s recent collective actions has meant a no to the unanimous public support for repaving Washington Street (taking advantage of grant funding at that time from outside government sources) to refusing approval for the final 9-11 memorial. (Timmy wanted to “test” it in a wind tunnel at Stevens first).

This puts the Hoboken public in an odd position. As most are not likely to petition their local council members they will merely gripe or comment on the City of Hoboken Facebook page why straight forward matters are not moved ahead. Others will yell as they pass City Hall.

Start learning your Council of No. Perhaps they will relent and show the people of Hoboken some mercy.  It’s more often than not most definitely a no in the last four long years.

There’s of course alternate avenues, pardon the pun. Perhaps “Novenas for Hoboken road repair,” Lord hear our prayer.

Hoboken’s harsh roads are all the rage. A City $2 million bond proposal seeks to address the damage from the harsh winter.
Bonds require six votes meaning at least one is needed from among the Council of NO: Beth Mason, Terry Castellano, Timmy Occhipinti and Michael Russo. Strap in Hoboken, this could be a bumpy ride.

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken says it’s hit four figures with pothole repair. Everyone is weary of the cold weather and wants to see lasting improvements. That’s what it takes.  That and six of nine votes on the Hoboken City Council.

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