Horse Sense: HHA corruption brinksmanship on tap @ 6:00

Horse Sense analysis of tonight’s HHA meeting

Tonight’s Hoboken Housing Authority meeting at 220 Adams promises to see more of the escalating battle: the “power struggle” vs. the “racist” reformers and the upstanding looting of the agency.

Oops forgot, this isn’t the Hudson Distorter and calling people racists for performing their fiduciary duty won’t look good in the long run. The long run here being not years or months but counted in weeks or days. Best to focus on those political business deals like down the Peninsula, Bayonne way. Hat tip Grafix Avenger who noted the Queen of Transparent Mean, Beth Mason was celebrating the Mark Smith re-election HCDO old school style by hobnobbing with the new king, her new betrothed Mayor-elect Davis.

Do newly elected officials have holy water or something to fend off politician hanger ons? Just asking.

An unhappy HHA ED in the form of Carmelo Garcia (l) is sure to be on hand tonight.
That means more bad behavior is on tap and can emerge from anywhere in a millisecond.
The exposure of misdeeds in the HHA continues apace.

So back to our movie, the Truman Carmelo Show. Oh, that was cancelled some time back with money arriving in the thousands of dollars from current HHA vendors into the coffers of Mister Carmelo’s campaign last March. Did you send your thank you cards in English and Spanish to State Senator Brian Stack yet?

Tonight’s meeting returns to the confines of the HHA where a number of misled residents will think they are in their living rooms yelling at their TVs impervious or oblivious to who’s acting to protect their interests. The improprieties continue to mount and as stated here first, millions in contracts have been uncovered being issued outside any minimum federal procurement guidelines.

Tonight the contracted HHA Executive Director will be looking to show his bosses on the Board of Commissioners who’s boss. You can expect an attempt to hijack the meeting, the agenda, threaten the commissioners with protests outside their homes and more frivolous lawsuits. Or worse.

If he’s in a good mood, maybe Mister Carmelo’s Assembly aide will only commence personal attacks on them and then he can issue a belated letter on their behalf mouthing mealy mouthed non-apologies for the ugliest anti-Semitic and racial attacks not seen by the Old Guard since a recent City Council meeting.

None of this is going to stop additional revelations of misdeeds and outright malfeasance being exposed in the agency under the direction of Generalissimo ED for Life of the Hoboken Banana Republic, Carmelo Garcia.

HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer uncorked a genie when she rubbed the procurement lamp and her job gets harder as the increasing mountain of bad contracts, bad accounting, bad compliance is shown being progressively worse. Unfortunately for Carmelo Garcia, only so much information can be successfully buried with the catchall, “It drowned in Hurricane Sandy.”

Tonight the Chairwoman could need the gavel to call the meeting into order and maybe for self-defense on the way out. The gutter is about to be tossed about (again) with the drama unfolding at 6:00 pm.

Scandal and more corruption is heading our way. Remember who told you all along, those who are doing yeoman’s work as unpaid citizens on the HHA board and those who attempted to cover it up. Hi Beth!

How I so love Hoboken in the summer.

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