Horse Sense: FBI Data Theft Conspiracy is not over, it’s beginning

After a solid week of silence the Hudson Reporter’s Al Sullivan got the memo on what to say about the FBI uncovering a massive data theft ring conspiracy at City Hall. If you thought he would focus on the conduit who’s already confessed or the implications of the damage done to Hoboken, you’d be completely wrong.

This past weekend, Al Sullivan showed what happens if you get in the Old Guard’s way. He could barely contain his enthusiasm to take on the “bloggers” who “blatantly and unfairly accused” Council members Michael Russo and Beth Mason and her minion of being connected to the Data Theft Ring.

MSV doesn’t recall discussing Michael Russo much on this other than questioning him in City Council on whether he saw any of the the emails under FBI investigation he was requesting in a resolution sponsored by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  He mumbled to direct the questions to the chair and declined to provide a yes or no on the question.

Not to say he’s innocent. Anyone who spent so much questionable time hanging out with Patrick Ricciardi is certainly dead center in the investigation and if Ricciardi’s ex-wife says that’s trouble, who are we to argue?

As noted by that nutty scribe bludiamonds, Al Sullivan avoided stating any central fact in the FBI Data Theft Ring Conspiracy writing about bloggers 9 times while mentioning the FBI and Patrick Ricciardi, the confessed data ring theft kingpin zero times.

Please send us the memo the FBI investigation is a wrap because MSV didn’t get it. Of course Al Sullivan could turn out at least partially right if some of the people on the FBI list land up flipping and going Solomon Dwek FBI informant on the others. Maybe some already have.

We’ll call that a moral victory for Al Sullivan. Keep up the bad work Al. This horse sense editorial is for Al and the Old Guard he’s dedicated to and loves.


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