Horse Sense: Castellano and Mason suffer through pro-Corner Cars Hoboken citizenry

Hoboken’s political scene known more for politics and toxicity than effectiveness in certain corners, led to a high speed collision this week on the Hertz Connect Corner Cars program.  After the program’s 4-4 vote and defeat led by the Council of No at the previous council meeting – the program’s situation was one step from being scrapped or scuttled with last Wednesday’s meeting.
Hoboken people heard a final showdown was coming and word was spread around town resulting in many local activists coming together along with other members of the public some who had never spoken before the City Council to declare their experience and desire to see the almost 1,000 strong program continue as is.
But should it have even been necessary?  When power and craven ambition is your number one agenda item, sure.  If serving Hoboken people appears anywhere on the top of the list, of course not.
Sometimes a picture tell a thousand words.  Here’s one taken very early during the stream of Hoboken people appearing one after another to speak on behalf of the Hertz Connect Corner Cars program.  It shouldn’t have been necessary for them to do so considering the success of the program.  But they all blocked major time in their schedule staying and awaiting their opportunity to do so – over hours.  
Little says more about the popularity of the short lived program than that.  Sadly they had to face down a gauntlet of opposition from the Mason-Russo junta eager to wield its new found power having installed ‘independent’ Tim Occhipinti into a swing seat last month.  Councilman Nino Giachhi, another self-proclaimed “independent voice,” fell right in line with Occhipinti acting as a fifth vote to block the legally required ordinance up for approval.
On this issue, the Council of No Four were blunted – for the moment.  There will be more of this coming as they play politics on a variety of issues taking credit for others hard work and hijacking agendas they previously and vociferously opposed re: parks.
It’s only the beginning of the dark, old ways.  Be vigilant.
Council members Terry Castellano and Beth Mason glumly look on as a stream of residents came to Wednesday’s City Council meeting to speak in favor of the Corner Cars program.  Castellano insulted the intelligence of all of them claiming there was no threat to the program – one she has opposed and sought to scuttle.  Her most recent plan publicly stated was to eject them from corners near residents, a key feature of the program and the reason for its very name: Corner Cars.

Do these Council members look like happy Corner Cars supporters to you?  

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