Horse Sense: A Call to Arms – Protect This Island!

The shouting, the grandstanding and noise is almost over.  Hoboken is entering Get Out the Vote time – except if you are part of the Raia-Mason VBM (Vote by Mail) Army – then you already got your “assisted” paper ballot vote in or shuttled to the Board of Elections to cast for the Old Guard.

Many have done their part, others are planning to do more.  The mayor made a call for assistance on Election Day and asked the grassroots to help get out the vote. 

In 2009, a sea of Hoboken citizens took back this city for the residents from special interests, back room deals and monied interests from outside of town.  It was a sea tide change in Hoboken heard throughout Hudson County and all of New Jersey.

Hoboken became an island of populism among a county continent of one party control.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer has led Hoboken through tumult and challenge after challenge moving Hoboken forward.
Others mouth platitudes and say they want to do so too but are the voices of a dark past. Will you help leave the past in the past?

This race is not over and Election Day is the pivotal moment. Reform is looking for Election Day support.  You can help by getting out the vote at various areas by the polls in your neighborhood handing out candidate cards or making calls to Hoboken residents reminding them to go out and vote.

In short you can be the difference and part of history in protecting the isle of Hoboken!

Late summer 2009, in response to corruption and Peter Cammarano’s refusal to resign after the FBI blew the whistle on his bribe taking antics; MSV began with the thought this website would be a gift to Hoboken ending that November.  Then it extended to kick around through December.  But people kept coming back and the numbers doubled and doubled and doubled again.  Friday was the highest traffic of this week’s growing visitors.

Clearly, people are becoming engaged with the election approaching but many have long responsibilities and concerns and need a little urging to get out to the polls and do their civic duty.

Da Horsey in over four years has broken numerous stories and fought the good fight while being cursed, assaulted by political operatives (thanks Beth), sued (thanks Beth) and dragged into court on phony charges (one tossed just last week) by pathological liars (thanks again Beth).  There’s been other threats issued in recent weeks in connection to the brave Jessica Coco but that’s another matter for another day.  

The difference in fighting through this toxic quagmire has been you, most of whom have never met Da Horsey or even spoken once. You urged MSV to continue stampeding corruption as there was no alternative to the Mason Media Complex dishonesty and so many stories untold or inadequately covered by some HudCo editors who have long ago been compromised or didn’t have the resources to do the job right in our mile square.

In standing up for Hoboken, MSV is now asking for those who can Tuesday to stand up for our fair Mile Square.  A few hours of your time on Tuesday can mean all the difference in moving this town ahead as a model of governmental transparency or seeing it overwhelmed once again with the shameless “On the Waterfront” corruption, malfeasance and arrogance toward Hoboken people.

If you only can reach out to neighbors and go to the polls, you will have done your part in holding up civic pride.

Even wearing a t-shirt and being out on Election Day is going to help get the word out!

Whatever you can do, please remember it’s individuals, the grassroots that makes the difference.

If you can afford any time on Tuesday, leave work early to help between 4 and 8 pm, it means a lot to your town.

Contact – HQ – (201) 254-0039 or email



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