Holiday Gift Idea

The sign of a now semi-famous local diner we mentioned last month has now found a new home.  Originally put up for auction on eBay for $50, it got a few bids and finally sold for $70.  No word on if it’s being picked up and wrapped for delivery to a location on upper Bloomfield St.  Not yet.  

November 29:
Here’s a one of a kind gift idea and only a very select few would appreciate it at least from a certain perspective. This gift idea brought to you courtesy of the one of Da Horsey’s favorites readers: the Bank Robber.  So let’s try to guess who in the “locked down” community will be the one to go out and spare a certain someone a chance at receiving their just deserve from Santa.  This is one auction begging to be watched.  You will watch and let us know won’t you?  Someone should win the auction and give it to our friends at the FBI in Newark to hang on their wall.  Those boys of summer have our eternal thanks.

Photo courtesy Jhnnynewman, all rights reserved.  That means especially the smelly hobo411 uptown.  Let’s see how fast he steals this story and backdates it so he can make another false claim of reporting it first.  That’s the dirtbag’s specialty and we got that story from the real working journalists here.  It hardly surprised us, as we’ve had readers tell us far worse.  And those were people who had once called themselves his friends!

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