Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen linked to FBI’s confessed ringleader in Data Theft Conspiracy Ring of Mayor's Office


Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen witnessed in clandestine visits to Patrick Ricciardi’s IT Office at City Hall

An off the main drag Hoboken bar, neighborly but quiet enough to meet and speak about the data theft conspiracy of looting confidential data out of the mayor’s office is the destination.

Da Horsey arrives five minutes early to our evening meeting.  Our subject is already there. Not looking nervous or apprehensive, greetings are made.  The place is near empty, a perfect setting to share insights Hoboken’s residents and perhaps the FBI have no idea has transpired.  We’ve used this location for just such confessional revelations.

Our subject, we’ll call Mr. X walks us through their background, experience and we share information and perspectives.  It’s all a part of achieving a comfort level for what’s coming next.

“I know who that guy Perry Klaussen is,” Mr. X says matter of fact.  “I’ve seen him a number of times in City Hall and he wasn’t there to pay parking tickets.”

So why was Klaussen in City Hall?  “He went to Patrick Ricciardi’s office,” Mr. X explains, detailing how the unofficial visits took place. “Perry was using the first street (employee) entrance to the building and the elevator and back stairs going to the third floor.”

The third floor at City Hall is akin to an attic.  It looks more like an unfinished construction site than a workspace.  The offices there are remote and perfect for secret rendezvous… and exchanges.

So the question is how often was Perry Klaussen seen at Patrick Ricciardi’s office during the key one plus years he was systematically looting data in and out of the mayor’s office?  Mr. X pauses and without missing a beat says, “More than a few.”

As to why the notorious editor of Hoboken411 would bypass security on the first floor where signing into the building is required Mr. X bluntly states, “It wasn’t for romantic reasons.”

As we wind down on the surreptitious visits to the IT Office where clandestine exchanges of information could be shared in hard copy, thumb drives or even a hard drive leaving no electronic fingerprint, Da Horsey asked Mr. X his overall view on the FBI investigation in Hoboken.

“It opened up Pandora’s Box, ” he says without the hint of a glint in his eye.  “Everyone who had their hands in this is in trouble…. I think they’re all in trouble.”


City Hall communications manager Juan Melli asked if he knew about Perry Klaussen’s visits to the IT Office of Patrick Ricciardi responded saying he had “no idea.”

Clearly Perry Klaussen wanted it that way.

Hoboken411 didn’t just use photos emailed from the FBI’s confessed City Hall ransacker Patrick Ricciardi.
Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen was witnessed on numerous occasions in the remote third floor office of City Hall when the Data Theft Ring was looting full bore.  Hoboken411 has also published several videos from Beth Mason’s current paid videographer since last fall.  Mason has said the videographer is not shooting for Hoboken411.

Here’s a brief videoclip from last November of Beth Mason exploding with numerous interruptions when she and her paid videographer are linked to Hoboken411:

The legal problems due to the surreptitious meetings between Patrick Ricciardi and Perry Klaussen in his remote third floor office may be lengthy and consequential to the parties along with unknown others.  Klaussen’s well known paranoia could have actually aided him in limiting a possible electronic fingerprint trail if Ricciardi provided any information – or if he took data with him only on his person.

With Ricciardi willing and able to pull up any confidential data from the mayor’s office, there’s no telling what he could have shared or forked over to Perry Klaussen.  Ricciardi is currently facing 15 years for three counts in federal prison for data theft and could see that altered for the worse if he doesn’t cooperate with the Feds.  Hiding any illicit activity with Perry Klaussen or anyone else could jeopardize him seeing five years added per count in recommended sentencing by the US Attorney’s Office in Newark.

It’s already known Hoboken411 published the details last May on a police discrimination suit being settled by a group of Hispanic police officers against the Hoboken Police department before anyone had access to the confidential information.  With those details known to only a handful of people, an investigation followed and the FBI swooped on Hoboken City Hall shortly thereafter.

One shouldn’t conclude these are the only possible lines connected in the Data Theft Conspiracy.  As the FBI complaint states in United States of America vs. Patrick Ricciardi:

Defendant RICCIARDI forwarded certain Intercepted E-Mails to Individual 1 and Individual 2 at the request of Individual 1 and Individual 2. 

People have speculated on who the individuals in the complaint are – a former and current municipal official but the FBI hardly indicates it’s LIMITED to only those two individuals.  As the FBI clearly states, both individuals CAME to Patrick Ricciardi – just as Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen did!

The odds are the conspiracy and those who knew goes much farther.   

Visibly annoyed, Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen (l) enters court Thursday
to face charges against a local businessman who took action against him.
Will his next legal opponent be the United States of America?

Talking Ed Note: Did Patrick Ricciardi provide information of his meetings with Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen in his office to the FBI?

MSV has uncovered new information Patrick Ricciardi had previously withheld information from the FBI and the Feds are aware of this fact.  Did Ricciardi provide details of the meetings in his office with Perry Klaussen with any in-person exchange?

Why did Perry Klaussen meet Patrick Ricciardi in his remote third floor office on the third floor bypassing normal sign in procedures for the public if there was nothing of a nefarious nature going on?  MSV would put these questions to Klaussen’s lawyer but it’s unclear if he handled anything other than the last restraining order by a local businessman.

MSV believes the public and the FBI should know.

In Part II of our Hoboken411 – FBI investigation, MSV will detail Perry Klaussen’s link to “the Hub,” the City Hall official who is not believed mentioned in the FBI complaint.

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.

This story is dedicated to my brother Dino.  

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