Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen imparts message of intimidation and fear

Da Horsey rarely visits the cyber-sewer over at Hoboken411 and many of you have joined in not doing so sending Das Klaussen’s traffic into a death spiral where the remnants of visitors pass through looking for store openings, closings and bar specials before quickly exiting.

Klaussen’s not departed yet, as a source close to him predicted to Vermont which is that state’s gain and Hoboken’s loss.  Perhaps a late surge of money from upper Hudson Street gave him breathing room for the moment as it isn’t advertising dollars keeping him afloat.

Would you take legal advice from a fool who has defamed Hoboken people for years?  Nuts!

Today a reader sent word Hoboken411’s editor Perry Klaussen attempted to illustrate his powerful legal knowledge about defamation citing a Michigan case.  Have any of you ever lived in Michigan?  Neither have we, so we could care less about some unrelated case having no bearing on NJ law.

If you want to prove a case in Michigan Klaussen, take Oscar out for a walk due west and eventually you’ll get there.  Make sure Beth Mason gives you enough money so you can buy dog food for the trip.

As for the message of intimidation, Perry Klaussen fails.  The stupidity pointing to a NJ legal case stating the opposite of what nominal damages means is fall off your chair hilarious.

Hoboken411’s cyber-sewer
smear merchant Perry Klaussen

Another famed animal in Hoboken Reform was out for a summer walk last night and ran into Perry Klaussen on an uptown street.
Hostile words were exchanged and Klaussen rebuked critique for his support of the Old Guard saying, “So call the FBI.”

Perry Klaussen has FBI on the brain, meaning it’s a topic of concern among his corruptocrat sponsors.  That’s too bad.

Enjoy this musical interlude for Das Klaussen and the Old Guard.


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