NJ Judge orders warrant for arrest of Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen

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At the Central Judicial Processing (CJP) in Jersey City today, Judge Richard Nieto issued a warrant for Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen who failed to show up in court.  The alleged criminal coercion complaint against the Hoboken411 editor is being sent to the Prosecutor’s Office and will be reviewed for presentation to a grand jury.

Attorney Sheryl Goski who is representing Hoboken local businessman Rory Chadwick said the judge will move the case to the prosecutor, who will now oversee the next steps in the criminal matter.

The hearing scheduled for 1:00 gave ample time for Perry Klaussen to attend after he was issued the criminal complaint back on February 21st.  The judge then issued the warrant for   Klaussen about 40 minutes later.

This story is BREAKING…

The original criminal summons for Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen

Talking Ed Note: Has Beth Mason abandoned her favorite “news” website?

A judge today issued a warrant for Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen

Hoboken411 faces the music, hearing on criminal coercion today 

The time is neigh for Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411and today he faces the music in a Jersey City courtroom for alleged coercion charges by Hoboken businessman Rory Chadwick. 

Chadwick once a reader and contributor to Hoboken411 found himself at odds with Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 when he learned as many Hoboken residents he was being fed a pack of lies and disassociated himself from the heavily censored website running political operations on behalf of one local politician, Councilwoman Beth Mason.
The conflict didn’t end there and now Hoboken’s king of character assassination is in the target hairs of the law.  There’s been no mention from other local media on this benchmark case nor Hoboken411 sponsor (and some believe underwriter) Councilwoman Beth Mason.
The recent fire at 300 Washington Street played a role as the charges were filed.  When Chadwick approached Hoboken411 about announcing an effort to help the victims, Klaussen responded by warning his readers to “beware of fire fundraiser scams,” and attacking people he believed involved in an effort to help the victims.  The fundraiser just took in over $16,000 last Friday and Chadwick was one of the Hoboken residents leading the effort but not before he filed a criminal complaint on an incident he alleges took place late December.
The criminal coercion case will be heard at at 1:00 pm, 595 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.
There’s been no comment from Councilwoman Beth Mason on her favorite “news” website Hoboken411, where her political opponents have been relentlessly smeared for years with no opportunity to defend themselves on Hoboken’s most notorious website.  While anyone in the way of Mason’s ambitions are smeared regularly, questions on Mason’s political operations there have never been answered.
Talking Ed Note: Karma, you know that saying about karma.  Today is where the rubber may be meeting that road.

In addition, the FBI Data Theft Conspiracy investigation continues with more than a little smoke circling Beth Mason, her friend “not paid for friendship” Lane Bajardi and Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen.

February 24th, 2012

Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen charged with coercion related to cybersquatting legal dispute over


Perry Klaussen, Hoboken411 editor is facing coercion charges in a complaint filed by local businessman Rory Chadwick.  The charges filed earlier this week with the Hoboken Police Department came after an alleged screaming incident on upper Washington Street late December where the alleged victim became intertwined in a battle over the domain

According to Chadwick, Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 was known to him as were the owners of Hmag, Hoboken’s largest online lifestyle website when he learned of the legal wrangle over the use of the domain name

The criminal complaint alleges Hoboken411 editor Perry Klaussen demanded Chadwick get the owners of Hmag to drop a lawsuit against him over his control of the domain or he would do an expose on his past.

Joe Mindak, an owner in Hmag confirmed the legal dispute in a phone interview.   After a launch party two years ago, his colleagues discovered their domain had been taken over by a local technology company based in Hoboken, eMazzanti Technologies.  According to Mindak a request for $15,000 was made for their expired domain and he countered with an offer of $2-3,000 to buy it back but was turned down.

After lengthy negotiations failed with eMazzanti, Mindak said they had no recourse but to seek legal redress and were told “good luck with that.” He later discovered the domain was routed to Hoboken411 and a legal battle ensued.

Two weeks ago, the internet regulatory authority ICANN that handles copyright and trademark disputes for domain names ruled in favor of Hmag.  The forced removal of Hoboken411 from using the domain hmag means users who go to are no longer routed to Perry Klaussen’s website but back to Hmag itself.

Asked how he felt about Hoboken411 cybersquatting on their domain name, Mindak said, “We just wanted our name.  It was annoying to go through all that.  We wanted to do positive things for the town and we do charity work locally.  The money could have gone to that.”

Chadwick had been a regular commenter on Hoboken411 until about spring of 2010, one of a dwindling few believed not staged by Mason political operatives when he found himself cast in the middle of the domain war between Hoboken411 and Hmag.  He declined to comment on past problems he had years ago but said he was proud to “turn my life around and do good things in Hoboken.”  He’s the owner of the recently upgraded Midtown Authentic store.

The Hoboken Police Department investigative report notes coercion charges against Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen.
Oddly, they blacked out both his name and personal details. 

Chadwick noted he reached out to Perry Klaussen after the fire on 300 Washington Street asking for an announcement of a fundraiser being planned.  Klaussen responded to the request by banning Chadwick from the website and followed with a story telling readers to “Beware of Fire Fundraiser scams.”

A fundraiser for the displaced victims of the fire at 300 Washington Street is scheduled for March 2nd at Room 84.  Chadwick is one of the organizers along with the Hoboken Rotary Club who is accepting online donations as a 501(c) charity with additional support from Saints Peter and Paul Church on Hudson Street and other local businesses.

Hoboken411 responded to Chadwick’s request to announce a fundraiser for the
300 Washington Street fire victims by describing the efforts as a scam and banning him.

The Hoboken Police Department has issued a summons to Klaussen on the criminal complaint.

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 was contacted for this story but has not responded to offer explanation for the coercion charges or how and why he obtained the disputed domain and routed it to his website.

Hoboken411 is known for its ubermensch backing of Councilwoman Beth Mason and has repeatedly smeared elected and local officials, city employees and Hoboken residents who are believed to be in any way rivals.  Hoboken411 employs rigorous censorship on its blog where disagreement with Klaussen’s “credentialed” one sided news is met with delayed comment posting, deletion and outright banning of anyone who does not toe the party line.

Hoboken411’s rabid vitriol is especially fierce against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and anyone thought to be favorable toward her.  Mayor Zimmer handily defeated Beth Mason twice in separate mayoral runs in 2009.

Beth Mason tried in July of 2009 to have Hoboken411 made an official website for City releases but in the video Councilwoman Carol Marsh explains the inappropriateness of such a move and the council declined to move on Mason’s proposal.

MSV has repeatedly questioned Beth Mason’s relationship with Hoboken411 here and at City Council meetings noting the political operations she runs there where iron fisted censorship is the daily practice.

Hmag cybersquatter Perry Klaussen

In addition to the ironclad Stalinist backing she receives on Hoboken411, she’s been seen with Perry Klaussen at local eateries Ganache and the Elysian.

Mason was not available for comment at the time of publication.  If she does, this story will be updated.

Talking Ed Note: Other local Hoboken businesses have reportedly had run ins with Hoboken411 but for fear of retribution declined to be named.

A number of Hoboken residents in recent months have complained to MSV about Hoboken411’s smear jobs and contemplated taking legal action.  It’s unclear if Councilwoman Beth Mason will fund a defense lawyer for Perry Klaussen as she’s believed to have done for other of her political operatives.

One current paid Mason operative is currently charged with harassment against an elected official at the BoE and her young daughter.  The case is ongoing.

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