Hoboken411’s masonic leakage could cost Hoboken millions

Hoboken411 notorious for being Hoboken411 and lying about people, elected and not across our fine mile square is on the move this election season.  Mirroring the desperation of the Mason-Russo axis’s gasp for city council power, it’s churning out a record pace of attacks as the critical May 10th council races approaches.

An MSV reader pleased with Da Horsey’s efforts for truth, justice and the real Hoboken way offered this choice uptown photo of Hoboken411’s pathological liar in chief, Perry Klaussen who came across 5th ward council candidate Perry Belfiore who was out campaigning.

Belfiore locked into a four way battle in the 5th ward described the meeting as random and said Klaussen wanted some of his literature.  He was apparently pleased to see his name appearing in some manner.  Many who read the hitman’s weblog know he loves nothing more than to salute himself.

The Hoboken smearmeister king and all season shorts wearer Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 with his dog Oscar runs into 5th ward candidate Perry Belfiore Thursday afternoon on an uptown Hoboken street.  

At least this campaign document exchange wasn’t confidential city information leaked from council member(s) breaking their oath of office and hurting the city in ongoing litigation.  The latest problem surfaced with legal documents finding their way to Hoboken411 as a lawsuit of several Hispanic officers against Lt. Angelo Andriani may have been reaching a settlement.  In a masonic nightmare gift that keeps on giving the issue was removed from the Council agenda Wednesday as the settlement may have been jeopardized by the leak.

Last year, another instance of political coordination occurred during efforts by the city to find a temporary site for the Municipal Garage.  Even while confidential negotiations were ongoing, Hoboken411 in what appeared to be a planned series of intentional distortions aligned with public meetings organized by third ward Councilman Michael Russo to create a mistaken belief the city had come to a determination and would install the temporary municipal garage at 6th and Jackson St.

The political hit job (with some aid from real estate interests flyers) led to several City Council rabble rousing outbursts of 3rd ward residents and placed the city in an awkward position.  Publicly agreeing to rule out the location would weaken the city’s hand while negotiations with far better and desirable locations were underway.  If the small number of locations were limited, a potential leaser would jack up the price knowing another competitor’s location was “off the market.”

Beth Mason would deny it if anyone asked but it’s been obvious there’s
coordinated smears by her ghostwriting minion “friend” on a regular basis at Hoboken411.

A recent example of the tight relationship between Beth Mason and Hoboken411’s editoral content occurred just last weekend at the Hoboken Public Library.  Her hired cameraman filmed the appearance of the Jersey Sting authors.  MSV asked the cameraman who  does political filming regularly around town for Beth Mason why he was there and he claimed to be doing a film on corruption.  Other people who we spoke to familiar with his work on behalf of Beth Mason scoffed at the idea saying it was obviously another paid job for her.  Then not a couple of days later the film material turned up on Hoboken411 taking a discussion out of context to defend Councilman Mike Russo’s trading of development support for illegal donations to his campaign committee.

Councilwoman Beth Mason who is known for her uncanny ability to hide and not take or return phone calls when troubling questions arise will surely be keeping her distance from the local media should any of them put in an inquiry on this latest legal matter. She’s managed to skate without anyone questioning her troubling lack of transparency on her campaign spending.  This while she took credit for the updated pay to play ordinance passing.

As the cost to the city for the latest Hoboken411 stunt on a pending discrimination settlement may run into seven figures, perhaps it’s time to put the lot of Mason411’s gang on the stand.  Grafix Avenger had a legal review where the city’s insurance could refuse to pay any settlement based on the latest leak to Hoboken411:

Talking Ed Note: Perry Belfiore chatted just earlier and answered some questions this morning before heading off to the campaign trail.  In unrelated 5th ward campaign fare, MSV has been trying to get ahold of 5th ward council candidate Scott Delea since yesterday with no response.

Scott Delea

Although an earlier attempt to speak was rejected along with email questions inquiring about his support both political and financial from Mike Novak, Maurice Fitzgibbons and Beth Mason, this time it’s personal.  We’d like to speak to Mr. Delea about the use of MSV’s copyrighted material.  We’ve left a message saying exactly that.

And we’re still waiting.

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