Hoboken411 vileness to resurface soon?

Who let the dogs out?  There was a rare public appearance by Hoboken411 at City Hall last night.  This is Perry Klaussen’s first appearance since his threat to City Hall and its employees for his humiliation in being denied automatic distribution status on government updates.  Well that’s too bad.  Hoboken411 didn’t stay at the Hoboken Zoning Board for any of the actual business.  Just showed up taking pictures and then left.
As we had stated in an earlier piece, Hoboken411 would be attacking private citizens.  Not even minutes later, an attack piece appeared targeting Hoboken Revolt’s Richard Pasquarelli with some empty, twisted attacks of the variety we’ve come to expect from the bowels of the vile.  It’s seems the bitterness for broadcasting his king maker status over the course of the mayoral elections last year has popped a screw loose, or two.  Hoboken411 has now been wrong in backing Beth Mason in the spring election, Peter Cammarano, (his trampoline jumping pal) in the runoff and Beth Mason again in the special election.
Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations on being a three time loser in a year?  Well the bitterness of being a loser is clearly not over, not by a long shot.  Expect the vile, personal attacks on all things concerning the current mayor’s administration to reach deeper into the gutter.
It’s all Hoboken411 knows.  And it’s apparently all he lives for now.  The only question left is if there is anyone commissioning the dirty work of the unleashed dog.  Hoboken411 is once again on the loose.  Expect the dirtiest, slimiest attacks on Hoboken citizens yet.

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