Hoboken411 threatens Da Horsey!?

Earlier today, MSV received an email from someone claiming to be Hoboken411:

This serves as notice to you that the unsubstantiated attack on me on your blog is entirely inaccurate. Every statement you have offered as fact in regards to me in today’s “Grist for the Mill” is false. I demand a retraction of these false statements that are clearly designed to defame me and damage the reputation of both myself and my business. Should you refuse to retract these lies my attorneys should have no problem proving you acted with malice.

Now Da Horsey can’t prove this email is actually from Hoboken411, but if it is MSV has no intention of obeying its demand.  As we noted although “Grist for the Mill” is a rumor column, we take great pride in it and adore the reader response.  We’re looking through the love letters right now to see if we can find one from Louise F.   You may remember Louise.
As always, if you have a tasty carrot for Da Horsey, MSV welcomes your tips and ideas worth looking into with great gusto.
As for this email, we’ve been counseled to say nothing more than Mile Square View denies its false allegations in their entirety.
Have a nice day. 
Update: Friday 8:05 am – Checking the email address: appears real so apparently unless midtown authentic went over for pizza and sent it, it’s legit and oh by the way, so is Colonel Stevens who may be writing from more than just this location under that moniker.  The Colonel is a clone?  PWNED again!

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