Hoboken411 threat – ‘We’re going to get you’

Just another quiet August summer weekend in Hoboken except the Hudson Reporter was roused on a Sunday to pen a few words if only to belittle those trifling bloggers.  The Reporter’s editors set their sights on an eyewitness account by the Hoboken Journal describing it as “gossip.”

Kurt Gardiner at the Hoboken Journal recounts an encounter of the absurd kind as he titles it with Hoboken’s head smear merchant, Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411. Their little chat on Washington St. leads to Das Klaussen focusing his missing anger management skills on a City employee who walks by with his wife.  The City employee makes the mistake of stopping by to politely say hello.

Das Klaussen: do you know who I am?

As the Jolly Green Giant recounts it, Perry doesn’t immediately know who the City employee is although he had just savaged him on his website earlier in the week, you know outsourced minion work and all.

When Das Klaussen finally puts two and two together he unleashes a volley of epithets after a short anger fueled tirade of “Do you know who I am?” and something along the lines of “watch it” and “I’m going to get you,” and Mayor Zimmer because I really really hate being ignored by you. Apparently, being ignored by most of Hoboken’s voters isn’t what’s bothering Perry these days. His single minded advocacy of candidates has produced a string of defeats for each in a landslide of losing election results.

Now who is going to break the bad news to editor Claire Moses of Hoboken Patch. Perry believes he and his minion are the “credentialed” journalists and her work is well, chopped liver.

Sounds like the wheels are coming off over at Hate411. The only thing funnier are some of the comments following the story. Check it out:

Talking Ed Note: Word on the street is Al Sullivan of The Hudson Reporter hates Grafix Avenger.  Can only imagine what he thinks of the Hoboken Journal and MSV.

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