Hoboken411 taking his hatred for mayor with him to Vermont

Hoboken411 may be on the way out of Hoboken but letting go of Hoboken doesn’t mean Hoboken411 has to let go of his hatred.  Nothing gets the ubermensch Mason payola loving smear merchant more angry than Mayor Zimmer and the success of her mayoralty.

So while he’s going to be gone with a successful Mayor remaining in the seat at City Hall, he’s not exiting without revealing more of his irrational hatred.  The mayor has proven him wrong over and over and over again, so Perry Klaussen is going to get in as many lies in as he can, as often as possible before he goes kaput.

Here’s a photo showing how deep the hatred runs and while the average reader may see it as nothing more than the mayor joining in celebrating the opening of a Hoboken business, Das Klaussen sees it as another opportunity to bear witness to his bottomless hate.

Here’s the Hoboken411 version of a local picture taken of a kickoff for Windmill’s hot dog restaurant

Here’s an actual uncropped photo demonstrating when it comes to hate, no one tops Hoboken411.
Talking Ed Note: MSV doesn’t go to Hoboken411 much as there’s truly no reason to bother with what the irrational, demented, wacko destined for Vermont Perry Klaussen says but for the purpose of critique and analysis, the fair use of this photo is educational.
And entertaining.
James Barracato aka FinBoy

MSV is proud to add this story to our smashing series on Hoboken(411) blogger excess, a story the Hudson Reporter claimed to be interested in but as Grafix Avener has shown two weeks running, the only story the editors there are interested in pursuing is a phony Beth Mason pitched victimization story by “Nazi Zimmer bloggers.”

MSV understands that Beth Mason’s political operative James Barracato who was flat out busted submitting doctored, phony, defamatory information to the Hudson Reporter is shark raving spitting mad the paper hasn’t published the hit job he and Councilwoman Beth Mason delivered to them, again.  For the second week in a row, the hit has been pushed back but Da Horsey hears they still are holding on to their character assassinating “Nazi Zimmer bloggers” dream.

How do you like dem apples FinBoy?!
Shouldn’t you return that blood money back to your Counte$$?      Fail!

Between the Lines Opens its Eyes

Al Sullivan’s weekend column mentions “blogger” trouble and Beth Mason by name in the questionable effort of tying unnamed bloggers favorable to Mayor Zimmer creating Nazi parody videos on YouTube.

Sullivan to his credit notes “Downfall” parodies are all over YouTube and have been used by Jay Leno. A YouTube channel created by someone called 411Hoboken feature multiple versions using “Downfall” with ones highlighting a Kids First BoE candidate, Michael Lenz along with Michael Russo and Beth Mason.

The only salient points Sullivan doesn’t mention is the “bloggers” by name or website – but readers have become accustomed to the Hudson Reporter policy of not doing so – and everyone knows it’s only two websites: Grafix Avenger and MSV.

The major point of course in all this Nazi bomb-throwing “I’m a victim” focus – Mayor Zimmer is portrayed as Adolph Hitler first back in 2011 when this YouTube video channel was created.  That went completely overlooked by the Hudson Reporter and Stephen Lamarca who contacted this website about MSV’s “portrayal of Beth Mason/Michael Russo in the Nazi videos.”

While the Hudson Reporter and Lamarca apparently met with Beth Mason and her political operative James Barracato who presented and handed over defamatory material, MSV and Grafix Avenger were contacted to answer to the charges by email, no meeting or opportunity to question the unnamed source of the hit team meeting behind the hit job.

One mere click and five minutes of viewing by any reasonable person on the name 411Hoboken on YouTube would have shown the video attacking a Kids First BoE candidate and Mayor Zimmer herself.

MSV has watched the videos and the reader will have to decide for themselves if a wacky discussion with English subtitles in the original German movie clip talking about the sexy glint in the eye of the mayor’s husband by a Hitler staffer is funny or not.

More importantly, let’s give Al Sullivan credit for at least viewing the evidence himself, and standing up for speech which should never be in question for satire or parody.  Only a Nazi police state sends storm troopers to your home for such.  When Hoboken politicians do that and based on an Augie Torres story, Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason and her minion have, they mimick what real Nazis did and that’s no joke.  Hat tip Al Sullivan.

There’s yet another Beth Mason advertisement in the Hudson Reporter this week.  Does that make three weeks in a row with no election in sight?  Mason keeps writing the checks and someone better come up with her organized planted Nazi story hit or she’s just going to have to declare herself Hoboken’s version of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords again.

Beth Mason writes the checks and organizes the smear jobs with her political operative James Barracato.
She’s a victim.  Yeah, we believe that.

Related: Grafix Avenger probes deeper into the real story – the unholy matrimony of Beth Mason and her paid political operative James Barracato in the pursuit of filth and evil:

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