Hoboken411 saves the day, at least for the disgruntled

Hoboken411 the local website of distortions, copyright theft, smears and innovative lies in town is proposing giant billboards be used to raise money and maintain the existing size of the police force.  A reader emailed over the proposal as Da Horsey doesn’t go there.  Ask yourself when have I learned something of importance doing so?  Less and less people do, and those that pop by don’t stay around very long.  It’s wham bam thank you ma’m.

Oversized billboards: a way to keep more police on the streets? 

The Hoboken Journal has done more timely stories on stores opening and closings of late and Hoboken Patch has been showing readers what a real full time news website in Hoboken can and should be for a while now.  Specialty sites focusing on Hoboken’s food and bar scene are available with and the recently revamped and relaunched Eat Drink Hoboken looking to really make some noise.

Well if the uptown smear merchant isn’t having his lunch handed to him, pretty much a daily certainty these days, at least you can learn some fanciful lies, quite appealing if you are on psychotropic drugs.  For the weak minded and easily led, the gravitational pull is on par with the affect of a full moon.  For the more sane though consider, how many billboards do you think it would take to just to cover one police officer’s benefits and/or pension?

Is Hoboken ready to surrender its character and small town charm for a less than a fraction of the cost of one police officer?

Drink up Hoboken, you are now in anywhere USA
As Hobo411 finds itself more and more isolated in its uber-fanaticism on behalf of one former mayoral candidate, the seething anger he and his loyal minion churn out has devolved with their anthem “how low can we go.”  His target audience are those angry at the world and looking for a place to focus that anger like he and his minion do with laser like focus on City Hall.

At least for Perry Klaussen, there is a business angle.  He’s gone all in with a strategy to get Hoboken taxpayer monies by backing one perennial mayoral candidate.  It’s failed but who knows what financial incentives are still dangling with envelopes of “street money” being passed.  So where does one of Hoboken’s two full time websites go when the spiraling descent is upon it?  The answer: anywhere a buck will take you including generic google ads.

Urban blight, thy name is Hoboken?

So it should come as little surprise another stunt is rolled out on behalf of keeping civil servants employed.  It doesn’t have to make sense of course, but then again, the uptown smear merchant rarely does these days.  It’s been that way for quite a while now.

Poor Oscar.


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