Hoboken411 “restrained” by judge: “No commentary” on local businessman or his personal life allowed by Perry Klaussen


Hoboken411 finally appears in court to face allegations of criminal coercion
Hudson Reporter is a no show even with “blogger” story in works
Hoboken’s biggest online smear merchant arrives with a lawyer to face the music before the judge.

A Hoboken municipal judge issued a restraining order today against Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen instructing him to leave local businessman Rory Chadwick alone.  The judge verbally added to the order Hoboken411 should make “no commentary” about Rory Chadwick’s business or personal life in the future direct, indirect, via third parties or on Perry Klaussen’s notorious website.
Rory Chadwick complained in court that he had been defamed when references to him were made on his work on behalf of Hoboken fire victims. Hoboken411 posted at that time the public should “beware” of a “scam” fire fundraiser in direct reference to Chadwick’s efforts which raised thousands on behalf of the victims.
Hoboken411’s lawyer tried to limit the restraining order to in person contact saying his client retained free speech rights.  The judge responded saying there were other problems between the parties and he was quite aware of balancing the two.
The judge stated that Hoboken411’s behavior should cease as it was not newsworthy. Both parties agreed to “no contact” in the future but obviously only one of them has a website pumping out misinformation on a massive scale to the public.
Someone finally had enough of Hoboken411’s reckless behavior.  After years of running amok with Beth Mason’s support, the truth caught up and a measure of justice served.
Talking Ed Note: The Hudson Reporter was not in attendance and has yet to show interest in the blogger excesses of Hoboken411 which are so numerous over years, they can’t all be mentioned here.  
Guess that doesn’t work with Beth Mason’s “Nazi” she’s a “victim” storyline.
On entering the court as MSV took pictures in the hallway, Das Klaussen told his attorney to “file a harassment” charge against MSV.  Da Hosey replied to Perry Klaussen in our first ever exchange, “Good luck with that.”  This from the guy who makes a living smearing other people in photos with piles of false information.
If the Hudson Reporter wants to do an interesting story, they can ask Perry Klaussen about the number of times he was going up to IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi’s office when the city employee was ransacking the mayor’s confidential communications.
Guess that’s not a story either.  It will be on MSV.  Bet.

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