Hoboken411 re: Mason411 piling up the lies again on zoning, people and campaigns

Hoboken411 is at it again and the boys of hate in league to all things Beth Mason have piled up a bunch of whoppers as election season heats up.  Most Hoboken readers know this already as the steady diet of lies is countered by other places but that doesn’t stop Mason’s minions from trying.

The lies in this article with no attribution whatsoever of course piled up a pile of excrement so high, the Hoboken Zoning Officer Ann Holtzman has submitted an article for publication outlining the truth on all the issues.   That article will be published on MSV shortly.  It’s going to pack a wallop and bring to light not only all the lies in yesterday’s Hoboken411 screed of falsehoods, it reveals more on the behavior of a certain sponsor of that website.

Gee can you guess who?

Councilwoman Beth Mason and her boys of hate at Mason411
Perry Klaussen
Lane Bajardi

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