Hoboken411 re: Mason411 holds out hope with criminal miracle arrest on hospital sale

There’s not been much of anything of substance coming from the Council minority/group who attempted to sabotage the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center since Thursday when it became obvious the creditors settlement would be approved along with the sale.

The judge in bankruptcy court actually praised the members of the Hoboken Medical Hospital Authority along with the mayor and the other parties involved in the negotiations for getting to the finish line and working with him to sign off on the deal without requiring him to act in a hearing.
Mason411, the website Beth Mason says she does not own, control or beat its mascot Oscar any longer is pumping out the latest vitriol in the hopes it will lead to poisonous fruit later.  If it doesn’t, no worries, Hoboken411 will move on to other fabrications as instructed by Beth Mason and her ready and willing political operatives.
Here’s its latest rant grasping at straws:
If Zimmer really wants to prove there was no wrong doing she’ll release the depositions provided by her and the Hospital Authority Board members and release all communications she had with the buyer and the Governor’s office throughout the sale.
Until then, her claims of vindication are hollow and meritless.


So Beth Mason is again focusing on her (OPRA?) request(s) to obtain depositions by Hospital Authority members and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.
What will happen when she gets the depositions?  
Surely, her minion desperately yelling to an empty room on Hoboken Patch will shout the FBI is coming back for Zimmer followed by more ghostwriting screeds on Hoboken411.
Or will it?
Beth Mason and her political operation at Hoboken411 are crowing about depositions they think will be legally problematic when made public.  Beth Mason apparently thinks there will be issues with an allegation there’s problems with depositions by the Hospital Authority and Mayor Zimmer.  You wanna Bet?
Talking Ed Note: MSV can categorically say there is no fear among the numerous sources we’ve spoken to on any depositions taken if made public.  Councilwoman Beth Mason can add them to the pile of other OPRAed information she’s requested over the years from City Hall: mobile phone records, BoE records, etc. that she’s done absolutely nothing with after obtaining.
No one involved with saving the hospital needs to “prove there was no wrong doing,” that’s not how it works Beth.  You have to prove there is something illegal.  So get on the phone with your friends in JNESCO, State Senator Loretta Weinberg, the creditors you conspired with and see if you can make pigs fly with the depositions.
Bet you the Masonic Temple on Hudson Street you can’t!  

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