Hoboken411 – Perry Klaussen complains, ‘Make them stop revealing you’re my ghostwriter’

Another in the series of revelatory emails obtained in the Bajardi v Pincus frivolous SLAPP-suit shows frustration in the Boys of Hate – Hoboken411 camp.
Hoboken411 revealed to many a steady screed of “reporting” favorable to the patroness of the Russo faction. This didn’t sit well with Perry Klaussen who claimed he was the author writing the political stories and there was no ghostwriter.
After the MSV Horse Sense editorial appeared, “Lane Bajardi – You’re a sham,” it leads to this email exchange less than a week later on October 29, 2010 in the latest episode of Friday Night Lights:
Lane Bajardi breaks the bad news they’ve been found out, by a Horse:
Once again, there’s their oft-repeated discussion about suing. Perry Klaussen cries out whining that even if the truth has gotten out, there’s no absolute “proof or documentation to that fact.”
In Hudson Superior Court back on July 8th, Judge Patrick Arre wrote of the sham by the shamster “approaching a fraud on the Court.” 

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