Hoboken411- the muck that produced the mire

Our colleague at the Hoboken Journal put an end to the woeful Craigslist attacks saga by extending forgiveness to the guilty party.  As our horse sense predicted, a Hoboken411 minion was the guilty party.  Although the jolly green giant is closing the case, we note another Hoboken411 minion took every extreme liberty of free speech to insult, harass and act in the most nasty demeaning way possible.  Of course this wasn’t done at Hoboken411, you can’t even have polite disagreeable discourse there.  And there’s the irony.

Kudos to the big green vegetable for offering a hand of forgiveness.  If the transgressor is lucky, the community will act likewise.  MSV supports the Hoboken Journal wholeheartedly in this act of compassion.  We’re not convinced it’s useful to have the offender’s letter posted but if that’s the final end to this sorrowful chapter, so be it.

Now who fostered this spirit of negative antagonism?  Well one look on most any given day at Hoboken411 can answer that for you.  Be careful of electing cannibal kings. They eventually eat their own.

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