Hoboken411 joins in the fun on poster calling for “killing the mayor”

 Will Hoboken police send detectives to investigate?

MSV was told of a Hoboken411 exchange someone posted a comment on that cesspool that maybe “the mayor should be killed in 7 days…”

Upon hearing this, there was no comment from Vermont Klaussen at Hoboken411 who is renown for his hatred and vitriol toward the mayor for her council majority refusing to put him on the taxpayer dole with payments from the City back in July of 2009.  He however chimed in at some point that day making light of the utterance the mayor “should be killed.”

The Hoboken Police Department responded to political satire on Grafix Avenger when a joke about joining the FBI shooting a door knob and using the Vulcan death grip – a reference to a popular fictional Star Trek television series – by sending over two detectives to question her with a her young daughter at home for more than an hour.

It’s unclear what if any response has been made in this matter but MSV understands complaints have been communicated.

What will MORTe, especially Hoboken411 backer Councilwoman Beth Mason say about this?  According to a Jersey Journal story last August referencing Hoboken police sources, Beth Mason along with her minion and Tim Occhipinti complained leading to a visit from the thought police.

One should not expect decency from totalitarians who shamelessly act in such ways.

Beth Mason’s scorched earth plans for Hoboken continues apace so she’s not thought to have contacted the police to investigate a supportive statement by Hoboken411 the mayor “should be killed in 7 days.”
Tim Occhipinti described a satirical farce by GA in a council meeting previously as “a credible threat.”  Now crickets.

Talking Ed Note: Grafix Avenger has a story up on the unseemly matter posted earlier:

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