Hoboken411 – Fugitive from The Law

Hoboken411 sputters on while Perry Klaussen is on the lam with a warrant out for his arrest.  One commenter urges MSV readers to go out and track down the fugitive while another notes he may have conveniently skipped town.

No matter, Hoboken411 is still posting it’s typical fare of inane material about garbage bags stacked up outside a business before pickup and attacking a private citizen and Hoboken resident by name not even up for a job at City Hall.  Hey, all in a normal day for “Krazy Shorts” Klaussen.

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 is a wanted man.  A NJ judge issued a bench warrant
for his arrest after he failed to appear in court for alleged criminal coercion.

Talking Ed Note: MSV is not certain where Hoboken411’s ubermensch backer of all lies Beth Mason is but we can confirm our story yesterday he did not show up in court and neither did a lawyer on his behalf.

The question of who’s job it is to bring him in on the warrant is one the Hoboken Police Department can answer if other local media will catch up and ask the question.  But some senior powers there are more likely to tip him off than arrest him  – when they aren’t leaking stories to him for purely political reasons.

The local media has yet to write a word on this story and that’s another matter.  How the Beth Mason Media Complex uses Hoboken411 for its political operations of pumping out pathological lies to the public while other local media stand down and never hold her accountable yet another.

Has one reporter/editor in town ever asked Beth Mason why she worked so feverishly to sabotage the hospital sale?  The action would have cost more than a thousand people their livelihood and bankrupted the City.  Instead they aided in a coverup when Beth Mason and her MORTe allies issued a press release claiming credit for saving the hospital minutes before a Sunday emergency council meeting.

Did anyone in the local media ever follow up to question that blatant falsehood?  No, but they had the unverified false information up barely minutes before the face saving reversal on behalf of MORTe.

The biggest story in Hoboken staving off bankruptcy and shutting down the hospital didn’t see a word of truth written.

The corruption in this town; seems like it never ends.

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