Hoboken411 flashback: FBI doesn’t care about looted emails

The Hoboken411 insanity is certainly one worth marveling at even with the readily available medication for seeing critters crawling on the ceiling while yelling “the Zimmertinis are coming for me!”

Then again you really can’t blame this one on the iron handed censor Perry Klaussen. This was the handiwork of Beth Mason’s friend who isn’t paid for friendship and who may no longer be on the payroll by Mason’s Lynhurst consultant’s office, friend payroll or not.

The Pentagon Papers defense was quite laughable when they trotted this cover story out as a the pretext for why they were so chummy sharing data with the now arrested Patrick Ricciardi.  Reading back on the Orwellian text from Mason411 is as amusing now as then.

The shelf life of most posts by Hoboken411 doesn’t withstand half a minute of critical thinking even if you put half your observation on the latest physics theory but in retrospect this is pretty damning.

This one snippet warned the public not to believe people posting online who may be construed as favorable to the mayor because their musings on the FBI investigation on the Data Theft Ring were “moronic.”

Hoboken411 then went on to boast it had nothing to worry about as the FBI cared little for public documents released to the credentialed media, re: themselves.

With Perry Klaussen’s City Hall source now facing up to 15 years in jail, you have to wonder what he tells his dog Oscar about the FBI at night.

“Looks like Zimmer has infiltrated the FBI Oskey.  We might have to leave quickly unless Beth Mason can force the FBI to knuckle under to her iron will of transparency.”

Not to worry Perry Lame, the FBI couldn’t care less about the systematic looting of the Mayor’s emails.  In fact this whole Ricciardi to Newark show yesterday was just a Zimmer ruse to trick people the FBI is not coming for… of course, Zimmer.

Why… Cer-tin-ly!

Some trickster has Hoboken411 looking to get out of dodge in a hurry after pal Patrick Ricciardi got pinched.

Talking Ed Note: Happy Nightmares minions.

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