Hoboken411 fears lawsuit over parking director hit job in 2011

People have been asking with the new year if MSV plans to continue running the popular series Friday Night Lights?

After more reader inquiries, it’s become apparent the series is missed and the Hoboken public can’t get enough seeing from the inside how a zany political lunatic fringe operated in Mile Square politics trying to advance the absolute worst political elements in town.

With that, Da Horsey wishes to formally apologize to the Hoboken public for the delay between FNL episodes.

Below is a timely reminder the ten years of good government support from Kurt Gardiner did not make him a favorite with everyone.

The following is another unedited original email between Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen and Lane Bajardi, aka Redhaven.

The antipathy this time is for a Hoboken Journal reader poll inquiring if former Director of Parking and Transportation Ian Sacs should sue Hoboken411 for its hit job surrounding the false arrest of Director Sacs after he reported an assault in the City Hall lobby.

Hoboken411’s crazy shorts Klaussen proposes to Lane Bajardi a reader poll asking if he should sue the City of Hoboken. “Redhaven” apparently did not entertain the wacky notion and deliver a ghostwritten “story” for publication.

These people spend quite a bit of time planning to sue everybody. But they lacked the funds and an underwriter to do so.

That would change when the mother lode of SLAPP-suits would rear its head in 2012.

Lane Bajardi (l) and his sock puppet Perry Klaussen
back in their Hoboken411 heyday.

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