Former Councilman Michael Lenz on the assault on him and his family

In the March story, former Councilman Michael Lenz sought redress in a story posted on Hoboken411 claiming he had designs on the City’s Business Administrator position and was the target of racist accusations by a Hudson County employee.  He sent a letter to all the respective parties among them Councilwoman Beth Mason who has run her political operations on the iron fisted censored website that doesn’t permit any of its victims even an opportunity to respond.

In a phone interview, Lenz addressed the situation since he sent out the letters.  “I think their silence speaks volumes.  They had no basis for their charges.  If they did they would have reiterated the charges.”
Speaking to the current situation Lenz would add, “They have been put on notice.  If they repeat the charges, they would only be exposing themselves.”

Hoboken411 and its fascist hit squad responded the following month with a savage attack on Laura Keating, a Hoboken resident and IT specialist.  What was the claim against this resident?  Hoboken411 said she was a candidate for the Business Administrator position with no evidence.

It was never explained why an IT professional would even be applying for a BA position in the City of Hoboken and of course the iron fisted censorship Hoboken411 is famous for remained steadfast to prevent Laura Keating (or anyone) from responding.

Michael Lenz sent the letter (below) to the Hudson Reporter who ignored it completely.  It did nothing on the attack on Laura Keating either.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino would read into the record a statement from Laura Keating who was out of town on business.  The statement noted anyone associated with Hoboken411 had to answer for it.

Laura Keating’s crime against Councilwoman Beth Mason and the reason for the savagery against her?  She happens to not only be a high level Data Warehouse developer; she’s also married to the former City Councilman.

Talking Ed Note:  No one in the local media reported anything on the letter.  No one inquired and asked anything of Councilwoman Beth Mason that we’ve heard.  

MSV’s directed questions to Councilwoman Beth Mason last year all remain unanswered.

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012

Hoboken411, Beth Mason and Lane Bajardi face potential “defamation,” charges with retraction demand from former councilman Michael Lenz


Hoboken411’s legal problems may only be beginning after a judge’s bench warrant issued for his arrest with his failure to appear in a Jersey City court for alleged criminal coercion last week.  In a letter obtained by MSV from none of the named parties, Michael Lenz declares a story updated on Hoboken411 last month “Deconstructing Michael Lenz” is defamatory, demanding the story be taken down and a retraction issued.

The letter is directed not only to Perry Klaussen but Councilwoman Beth Mason and her friend “not paid for friendship” Lane Bajardi.  The letter copied to Michael Lenz’s lawyer signals the first ever public challenge coupled with possible legal action to the frequent character assassination deployed on Hoboken411.  Many in political circles claim the unscrupulous attacks on Hoboken elected officials, employees and residents have taken place on the heavily censored website over years where the troika are believed to be involved and Beth Mason’s checkbook the driving force.

Michael Lenz’s bombshell letter sent by both certified and regular mail describes the parties as “owners, writers, and/or funders, in whole or in part” of Hoboken411.  In the City Council, Beth Mason has not answered questions or offered any transparency on her role in Hoboken411 and the odd appearance of confidential City documents and information appearing on the website where she directs her political operations, only saying she does not “own or control” the website.

The letter outlines its claims of defamatory information in detail, contradicting Hoboken411’s story, in itemized fashion and points out Lenz has been a private citizen since the 4th ward special election in November 2010.  In the letter Lenz denies he is the target of alleged racism or discrimination and that any such complaint was made against him.

Since Lenz’s departure from the Hoboken City Council, Beth Mason has directed negative comments about Michael Lenz in City Council meetings by name, also in recent months.  Those prepared speeches are believed by many observers written for her by Lane Bajardi, her political operative who is known for his pathological hatred for the current mayor and the former 4th ward councilman.  Bajardi has never publicly denied being a political ghostwriter for Hoboken411 although it’s been stated as well known by people in Hoboken political circles here on MSV and other local websites.

The letter to Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen, Lane Bajardi and Councilwoman Beth Mason follows:

A letter from the former 4th ward councilman Michael Lenz and copied to his attorney demands a retraction and removal of what he alleges is defamatory information about him.  Hoboken411 responded by attacking Lenz’s wife claiming it had
information she was under consideration for the City’s Business Administrator position.  MSV covered that story last week.

Hoboken411’s response to the letter appears to have been to bury the original story “Deconstructing Michael Lenz” on its website and then follow with a spurious attack on Michael Lenz’s wife claiming it had obtained information she was under consideration to replace Arch Liston as the City Business Administrator.  The source of the Hoboken411 story, as always is not named, existing only in the imagination of the political ghostwriter.

Hoboken411 does not explain why a well paid software engineer would have interest in applying for a lower paying public sector position let alone a financial executive role to begin with and any cursory review of the background of Michael Lenz’s wife would reveal exactly the same.

Already persons of interest in the FBI investigation in the massive looting of Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s electronic communications, Perry Klaussen, Beth Mason and Lane Bajardi find themselves the targets of another alleged conspiracy: defendants in a potential defamation claim by former 4th ward City Councilman Michael Lenz.

Talking Ed Note: Ironically, Beth Mason introduced a resolution to celebrate Sunshine Week at the City Council after midnight last Wednesday but she’s not answered questions about her relationship with Hoboken411 in City Council.  When Mason is exposed in an underhanded political operation, she typically hides from the media until they give up on obtaining an answer.  Don’t expect anything different here.

The Mason Media Complex has ignored the earlier story of Hoboken411 being hit with an arrest warrant and being charged with criminal coercion.

Will they keep a lid on this one too?

Stay tuned.

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