Hoboken411 attacks a business again as Perry Klaussen turns on Elysian Cafe

Beth Mason sponsored Hoboken411 falsely accuses Elysian Cafe of breaking the law
In the latest attack on a Hoboken business, Hoboken411 has turned its regular bottom feeding diatribes against the popular uptown eatery, the Elysian Cafe.  The cybersewer complains the restaurant is breaking established ordinances on outdoor cafes claiming its due to reasons of your “imagination.”
There’s just one problem: the flouting of the law is yet another Perry Klaussen Hoboken411 imagining and in point of fact a baldfaced lie.
A municipal expert with the cafe regulations in Hoboken laughed off Mason411’s allegations saying of Elysian Cafe’s outdoor tables, “No issues.  Their setup has been the same for a decade.”
Perry Klaussen who lives on the same block had nary a bad word about the outdoor cafe, but suddenly he’s making false accusations on a cafe which hasn’t changed an inch over many years.
There’s nothing different in a decade of the Elysian Cafe’s outdoor usage in its setup.  The attack on the popular
uptown eatery is an example of a political attack by Hoboken411 Mason411, the website sponsored and
endorsed by Councilwoman Mason where defamatory attacks on Hobokenites are always a ‘special of the day’.
From the picture above, courtesy of TheBokenOnline, it’s clear there is no sidewalk impediment of any kind. The stanchions have obviously not changed over years and neither the location of their placement.
The Elysian restauranteur has hosted mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos fundraising efforts.  Ramos recently saw behind the scenes success to have HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia selected on the Brian Stack – HCDO slate as his replacement for the 33rd Assembly seat.  Beth Mason spent well over a year telling everyone she was the inevitable selection for the position.  She’s been fuming over the snub of both her political ambitions and the Mason family checkbook.

In the past, Perry Klaussen’s ready lies and iron fisted Nazi censorship in service to Beth Mason’s political ambitions had them meeting right at the Elysian although her ads on Hoboken411 don’t appear on any ELEC report over years
Beth Mason has been questioned point blank on this, notably by MSV in council meetings and she’s NEVER provided an answer, notable as a slew of her political operatives have also not appeared on her campaign reports.
Similar questions have been posed asking how political operatives working under the umbrella of her “charity,” the Mason Civic League are being properly paid for their efforts.  Inquiries posed to Beth Mason on the matter produced no answer to the question, instead bringing a threat of a civil lawsuit against MSV right during a City Council meeting two weeks before a SLAPP suit was filed against more than a dozen Hoboken residents who have publicly spoken against Mason’s actions, the Hoboken Sopranos and corruption. 
Beth Mason is planning to give out money to some local charities.  But even a sizable
20-30K pales in contrast to the Mason lawsuits against Hoboken People .  The Mason infestation on
Hoboken continues apace with her sponsored “news site” defaming another Hoboken business.
Talking Ed Note: Chalk up another business being smeared by Hoboken411.  
Questions surrounding Beth Mason and Hoboken411 and the massive Data Theft Ring conspiracy in 2011 have not been answered either.  
So how did those interviews with the Feds go?

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