Hoboken411 – another smear kaput

When it comes to the battle between reason and the voices in your head and an angry minion, you should probably try to side with reason. It’s usually less embarrassing that way.

If a Hoboken resident wanted to have a fun website pointing out the vapid stupidity of the uptown smear merchant at Hoboken411, they’d never be short of material. As it stands, Da Horsey will on occasion point out the most glaring examples of misinformation pouring forth from that site on a regular basis. (We’d say daily but we hardly go there but every month or so.)

Several readers contacted us on a former Hoboken City Council candidate getting into trouble with the law and one submitted this nugget, the latest saga in how the voices in your head combined with your not too smart minion can get you into trouble:

Allies of Carol Marsh and Michael Lenz supported Foley on the streets and in the comments sections of Hoboken411 during the runoff. Foley may have edged Noonan out simply because he shared his name with a popular member of the Elks Club who also runs Senior Services for the city. The Villanova-educated attorney has since been known as “the other Tom Foley.” – Hoboken411

In the interest of fairness, we’re going to try to let Perry Klaussen down easy on this one. MSV is less concerned about the death spiral of Hoboken411 than Oscar, a poor innocent dog. Breathe deep and don’t take the purple pill Perry. Here’s how wrong you got it.


Carol Marsh announced her choices for City Council in the 2007 City Council elections in a letter to the editor published in the Hudson Reporter. One could reasonably guess she expected her “allies” to do likewise. Here is the City Council President’s from May 2007 letter in its entirety.

Dear Editor:

For over 20 years I have worked for reform in Hoboken as an activist in the community as a member of the city council and as a mayoral candidate. In every role I’ve tried to understand and support all residents of Hoboken as we work together to improve our community. It has often been a difficult road, but in every case I was surrounded by people who believed that citizens, working together can make a difference in the way that the government affects our lives.

In one or another of those roles, I have worked with or against most of the City Council candidates. And so, in the past few months many people have asked my opinion concerning the candidates in the council elections on May 8.

I have replied by asking them to please come out and vote for Ron Rosenberg in the 1st Ward; Beth Mason in the 2nd; Frank Raia in the 3rd; Dawn Zimmer in the 4th; Peter Cunningham in the 5th and William Noonan in the 6th.

Many of the candidates I’m supporting have worked as volunteers in the community, speaking out for improvements in government operations and transparency, for care in budgeting, for open space and against the kind of unplanned, unchecked development which is eroding the quality of life for all of us. All of these candidates have reached out and supported good candidates. All of these candidates represent a positive change in the city council, and it’s time for a change. And all need your support. Please make the time to vote this Tuesday.

Carol Marsh

Perry have you given thought to having Oscar your dog doing the ghostwriting on Hoboken411? He certainly can’t do any worse.

Now who do you think fed this latest hatchet job to Das Klaussen? Oh what a web we weave when our aim is to smear.

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